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15 S8 Mechanical MBCET

Brahmos Products
y Gas bottles for rockets(for ISRO). y Propellant tank(for ISRO). y Ring shaped water tank(for ISRO). y Liquid Engine components(for ISRO) & y Components of BrahMos missile. y Other precision components for DRDO, BARC & ISRO.

General Machine Shop .

milling . Marine steel is used for making parts of submarine missile called Sagarika which is launched under water. . grinding etc. y Titanium alloy metal is mainly used for manufacturing aircraft and space-craft components. y All initial machining operations are done in general machine shop. boring .General Machine Shop y The main metal used for machining in the machine shop are titanium and marine steel. y The main machining operations are turning. using both conventional and nonconventional machines.

Properties of Titanium. y Strong and light weight. y High melting point. y Low coefficient of linear expansion. . y High resistance to corrosion.

Therefore most of the heat is concentrated on the tool face and cutting edge. This causes rapid destruction of cutting tool. y Heat generated by cutting action does not dissipate quickly.Machining of Titanium Alloy y Titanium alloy is difficult to machine because it s a poor conductor of heat. . y Titanium has a strong alloying tendency or chemical reactivity with materials in the cutting tools at tool operating temperatures.

This causes rapid tool breakdown. . Because of the lack of a stationary mass of metal (built-up edge) ahead of the cutting tool.Machining of Titanium Alloy y Titanium alloys demonstrate a complete absence of built -up edge. a high shearing angle is formed.

. y Use of tools with controlled sharpening and their replacement as soon as they become worn. y Use of a large flow of cutting fluid to increase the cooling effect.Machining procedure for Titanium y Use of low cutting speeds to minimize heat built-up.

Leaving the tool in position causes the material to be immediately hardened and overheated causing breakage of the tool. y No stopping on travel whilst the work piece and the tool are in Contact.Machining procedure for Titanium y Maintaining stability of the whole machining system (machine. . tool holder and tool) to compensate for the elasticity of the material and to reduce vibrations to a minimum level. spindle.

y Slotting Machine. y Shaping Machine.Conventional Machines y Conventional Lathe. y Drilling machine. y Milling Machine. y Surface Grinding Machine. y Cylindrical Grinding Machine. y Boring Lathe. . y Tool and cutter grinding Machine.

Job holder can hold 12 different tools. At a time one tool acts on the job which can be selected by computer codes. Bed length is 3m. Conveyor belt at the bottom to carry coolant.CNC Machines y CNC means computerized numerical control. and the resulting file is uploaded to the CNC machine. . y The part design and the tool path program are done by y y y y the CAD/CAM process.

y Turning of gas bottles to store fuel in rockets and satellites are done on these lathes. y There are 4 CNC machines in the General machine shop and all are sponsored by ISRO.CNC Machines y Job rotates on chuck and tool on tool post acts on it. . y Costs about 80 lakhs.

Non-Conventional Machine .

Electrical Discharge Machining y Used to remove metal by using the heat from the y y y y y y electric discharge(non-conventional machining). The dielectric discharge medium used is Rustlick oil. Mainly used to produce holes which are not uniform throughout the thickness. Cathode used is Graphite or copper. Costs about ten lakhs. Computer programmed motion for tool & work-piece. . Anode is the metal to be machined.

y Then initial machining is done in the general machine shop. . y Final machining and finishing is done in precision machine shop. y Initially titanium alloy sheets are pressed on hydraulic press using hemispherical die.Manufacturing of Gas Bottles. Then two hemispheres are joined by TIG welding to produce a gas bottle. y After the initial machining the hemispheres are taken for heat treatment to improve the structural properties.

Precision Machine Shop .

Precision Machine Shop y Final finishing of the products are done in the precision machine shop. y The temperature of air inside the precision machine shop is maintained at 20 degrees. y Invar steel which is an alloy of iron is the material for verniers inside the Precision machine shop due to its very low cofficient of linear expansion. .

.Precision Machine Shop y All the machines inside the precision machine shop are CNC type. y Majority the equipments have ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) and some have APC (Automatic Pallet Changer) technology. and the resulting file is uploaded to the CNC machine. y The part design and the tool path program are done by the CAD/CAM process.

Precision Machine Shop y The CAD/CAM laboratory is inside the precision machine shop and the access to it is restricted. . y Majority of the machines have four and three axes index. y The operators inside the precision machine shop are highly skilled as all the operations inside are finishing works.

Precision Machine Shop y Wide variety of machines are used in Precision machine shop and in all machines inclined machining is possible in four axis index machines. wire cutting machine etc. y All machines can run at very high spindle speeds and variety of tools are available. y Some of the machines include CNC milling machine. Drill bits as small as 0.3mm is available. y Majority of the machines are German and Swiss made and are imported. drilling machine. . boring machine.

y The four axes are X.Wire Cutting Machine y It is a four axes machine. y U and V are axes along which work-piece slides parallel to X & Y axes of machine. .U and V.Y. y Brass wire is used to produce electric discharge which vapourizes away the metal to form cut in workpiece.

y Material is removed from the work-piece by a series of rapidly recurring current discharges between two electrodes. separated by a dielectric liquid and subject to an electric voltage.Wire Cutting Machine y De-ionized water is used as the di-electric. . One of the electrodes is called the toolelectrode while the other is called the work-pieceelectrode. y It is a very slow process but complex shapes can be made using computer controlled process. y The wire which is used for cutting can be used only once.

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