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The Wimax technology offers around 72 Mega Bits per second without any need for the cable infrastructure. Wimax technology is based on Standard that is IEEE 802.Introduction Wimax stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access.16 .

cable or any other high speed connectivity.16) is based on the public wireless networks by using optical fiber.How WiMAX Works The Wimax (802. It serves subscriber stations using Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS). antennas and enhanced additional algorithms. microwave link. . The base station of Wimax has higher broadcasting power.


Wimax Features Wimax support multipath Wimax broadband access Wimax offer high speed data rate Wimax offer modulation and error correction Wimax support reliability of data .

Applications Connectivity for SMBs Wimax Backhaul Private Networks Nomadic Broadband .

Types of WiMAX Technology Fixed Wimax Mobile Wimax .

Advantages Wimax Coverage Wimax High Speed Multi-functionality Potential and development .

The development of application is often a competitive edge.Conclusion Wimax have great advantages such as it has ability to perform an exclusive list of services over a single station. Wimax decrease in operating and capital expenditure. .

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