Great examples of airlines using Twitter for building their brands and driving revenue, engagement, customer service

, crisis management and loyalty.


World leaders in helping airlines go social

Case-study 1

KLM : ³Fly2Miami´

KLM challenges Dutch DJ & Filmmaker to fill up a plane

KLM announces that the Amsterdam-Miami route would be relaunched on Mar 27, 2011.

But Dutch DJ/producer Sied van Riel and filmmaker Wilco Jung replied on Twitter that this would be too late for the Spring Break events.

In response KLM empowers and challenges them to fill up a plane! In return, they¶d fly on an earlier date!

The challenge gets an unbelievable response!
The DJ and Filmmaker responded with a website, Twitter account and a hugely popular #fly2miami hashtag. Goals Driven Revenue Engagement
Result: On March 21, 2011, a KLM MD-11 packed with Dutch DJs, producers, promoters and other dance fans, will fly2miami!

Case-study 2

Delta Airlines: ³@DeltaAssist´

Delta gets serious about customer service!
Delta Airlines has a separate, dedicated Twitter channels to listen and respond to customers. What¶s remarkable is the effort put into answering queries from almost everyone. They¶re not even afraid to apologize!

³Thanks for doing the right thing, Delta!´

Great response rates!
A recent infographic revealed that @DeltaAssist tweets almost 64 times a day! This is possible due to a dedicated team of about 10 people handling customer requests.

Goals Driven Customer Service

Case-study 3

JetBlue: ³Cheeps´

Cheap tickets sold every Tuesday morning on Twitter
JetBlue sells last minute, limitedavailability, cheap flights every Tuesday.

Almost 205,000 people follow this account!

Fills up capacity, drives revenue!
Not only does it help fill up capacity, it drives more user traffic to JetBlue.

Goals driven Revenue

Case-study 4

Virgin America: ³Super engagement´

Virgin America¶s responsiveness on Twitter is legendary!

Virgin America actively engages and serves customer needs via Twitter.

Customers love airlines that respond to them!
Considering their stellar efforts, it¶s no surprise that Virgin America is one of the most-loved airlines in America.

Goals driven Engagement Customer Service Loyalty


Case-study 5 AirAsia: ³Runway accident managed´

AirAsia handles runway mishap on Twitter
On Jan 10, 2011 AirAsia flight AK5218 carrying 124 passengers and six crew members skidded off the runway. Up to four passengers sustained minor injuries. In the immediate aftermath, AirAsia¶s Twitter engine was up and running to address the situation and calm nerves.

Calmed nerves, relayed accurate information
Apart from the official account which has 117,000+ followers, the CEO, Tony Fernandez also tweeted to his 56,000+ followers.

Goals driven Crisis Management Customer Service

Case-study 6

Eurocontrol: ³Taming the Ashcloud´

Big daddy comes to play!
Eurocontrol stole the show on Twitter even as many airlines struggled to handle the ashcloud crisis and provide decent customer service. Relevant and informative updates at frequent intervals calmed nerves.

Transparent and speedy information-sharing
Liberally used the Twitter hashtags #euva and #ashtag to inform customers. Posted links to the latest maps of ash-flow.

Goals driven Crisis Management Customer Service

Case-study 7

WestJet: ³Winglet Wednesday´

WestJet wants you to share ³winglet love´!
Every Wednesday, WestJet asks people via their Twitter stream to submit photos of the winglets on their planes.

Pro tip: A winglet is the little tip that points up on the edge of the wings.


A creative photo-sharing endeavour
People get to show off their photography skills which can then be publicly appreciated on Twitter.

Goals driven Engagement

Case-study 8

Air New Zealand: ³@AirNZFairy´

Do you believe in fairies? You should!
The Air New Zealand Fairy grants one wish a day ± ³sometimes smaller, sometimes bigger´ ± to followers.

Notable example: Helped raise more than $2000 for Leukaemia & Blood Foundations.

Serves people¶s needs, makes them happy!

Many requests for more air-points are fulfilled!

Users respond ± and how!

Goals driven Engagement Customer Service Loyalty

Case-study 9

Melbourne Airport: ³Cheap Twitter Fares´

Melbourne Airport provides cheap deals on Twitter!
Melbourne Airport helps travellers plan their journeys better by providing the latest deals on flights from Melbourne on their Twitter stream.

Goals driven Revenue

Case-study 10

airBaltic: ³Tweeting Plane´

Wouldn¶t you like to follow a tweeting plane?!
One of airBaltic¶s Dash 8 planes is known as the Tweeting Plane. ³She tweets regularly about her busy life up there in the clouds and down on the ground in Riga Airport.´

A wonderfully creative idea!
The tweeting plane drives engagement through sharing plane trivia and other interesting links.

Goals Driven Engagement

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World leaders in helping airlines go social

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