Microsoft .NET is a software development platform based on virtual machine architecture.

It is designed to support programming language independent application development.

It is independent of any operating system and physical hardware machines that should contains the implements of .NET FRAMEWORK.


presentation layer 2. business layer 3. Functional components ± 1. datalink layer Overcome the drawback of 2-tier architecture .` ` ` It follows n-tier client server architecture.


J# (pronounced J sharp) Server technologies: a. Visual Web Developer .NET) c. Windows Forms (Windows Desktop solution) c.NET (VS .NET Framework is a software framework that can be installed on computers running Microsoft windows operating system. Compact Framework (PDA / Mobile solution) Development environment: a.NET (Active Server Pages like HTML) b. C# (pronounced c sharp) b.` ` The Microsoft .NET) 2008 b. Visual Studio . It consists of 3 main parts« Programming languagea. Visual basic (VB . ASP .

` ` ` Provide a language-neutral platform for application development and execution. Consist of a. multi-threading c. JIT compiler (just in time) f. FCL (frame-work class libraries) . MSIL (microsoft intermediate language) e. Application Domain g. memory management b. and interoperability. security. exceptional handling d. including functions for exception handling. garbage collection. or CLR. Microsoft's implementation of the CLI is called the Common Language Runtime. CTS (common time system) h.


Example: a single button in a graphical user interface.` The first ³component oriented´ language in the C/C++ family In OOP a component is: A reusable program that can be combined with other components in the same system to form an application. x Can be embedded in web pages . etc. IDL. a small interest calculator They can be deployed on different servers and communicate with each other ` Enables one-stop programming x No header files.

destructors ` Organization No header files. methods. structs. operators. properties. constructors. code written ³in-line´ No declaration order dependence . events. fields. indexers. interfaces.` Namespaces Contain types and other namespaces ` Type declarations Classes. enums. and delegates ` Members Constants.

Powerful Fast Most of the works are done without getting stuck in low level programming and driver fixing and « .` ` ` ` Easily combined and ready to be used in WebPages.


SQL SERVER 2005. SELECT QUERY b. a.` ` ` ` ` ` Ado . UPDATE QUERY . DELETE QUERY d.NET. when we develop a website or online registration system. Sql server plays an important part in storage of data in .NET supports disconnected architecture. It transfers data to the front end in XML format. Four basic operations are performed on the tables collectively called as SQL QUERIES. INSERT QUERY c. It also supports MS ACESS. ORACLE. The information is stored in a database in the form of tables.



Code editor b. Used to develop Console Application. Debugger c. Extensibility e. Designer d. Other tools .` ` ` ` It is an integrated development environment from Microsoft (IDE). Features area. Supports different programming languages. Web Application and etc. Windows Application.

. Code behind include the coding part or the programming language we use for the tools used in design view (eg. Properties of tools etc. Navigation. d. Standard tools. c. Login. inline view b. design view c. Solution Explorer b. Validation. Debug .` ` ` ` Visual Studio has 3 view through which we create web page..C#). code behind Inline view includes HTML coding of the web page. a. Components of design view area.

` designing a master page. . Below is the layout of master page.provides a consistent layouts for the pages used in websites.

is GUI (graphic user interface) based application. standard output. . Windows Application.standard input. invoked from windows command prompt (cmd. It is done using forms and controls by dragging tools or buttons in the form.simplest frame work based application . Visual Studio provides various templates to choose the type of application to run« web application console application windows application and etc«.` ` ` ` ` Console Application. standard error. It has 3 basic data streams.exe).

static void Main(string[] args) { Console. Console.´).WriteLine(³This is a sample console application.ReadLine( ) . } Output will look like as- .

{ i ppli } pl i ti ´). tput ill l li - .pri t tt t i _ li ( j . t r . t ) (³ i r.

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