Mumbai oil spill

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y Reason for collision MSC CHITRA lost signal from the port. though khalija was in contact .WHEN AND HOW? y Happened on Saturday (7th august). The collision happened because of a navigational error caused by the failure of radio communication. 10 km away from the Mumbai harbor. . y Between two Panamanian ships MSC CHITRA and MV KHALIJA.

y The cargo ship(chitra) was carrying 1200 containers of fuel which had 266 tonnes of fuel. y Some containers were carrying fertilizers and hazardous chemicals such as phosphatic pesticides and sodium hydroxide y Ship was carrying estimated 3000 tonnes of fuel at the time of the accident. among that 300 containers tumbled into the Arabian sea. .

A team from Holland has also been called in to help in containing the spill.y The oil leak from the sinking cargo vessel MSC Chitra has been plugged with the Indian Coast Guard saying Operation Chitra has been successful and the ship has been stabilised. . y There are eight main fuel tanks on board the ship and two of these tanks leaked tonnes of oil into the sea. Coast Guard helicopters have been spraying antidispersants to prevent the oil spill from spreading. But nearly 800 tonnes of oil is already believed to have leaked out into the Arabian Sea and has been seen floating close to the coastline threatening marine life.

. The oil spill has already spread over an area of 25 square kilometers and the hazardous chemicals and pesticides may affect about 200 species of marine life. Mangroves off Navi Mumbai are in danger of being destroyed and the debris caused by the collision of ships may pose navigational problems. In the last three days approximately 400 containers have slipped into the sea.MSC Chitra was also carrying 1219 containers out of which 31 had hazardous chemicals like pesticides.


Skeletal maritime activity resumes after ship-collision y Five days after two ships collided near Mumbai harbour. y Seven ships have so far been allowed in and out of Mumbai port. y The ships are being escorted by a helicopter and a minesweeper ship besides two survey boats with sonar scanners. skeletal maritime activity was resumed on Thursday. . y They were escorted by Indian naval ship INS Matanga through the approximately 200-metre-wide main shipping channel leading to the Mumbai Port Trust and Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust.

INS Yamnua.. Wednesday launched a survey of the entire shipping channel leading to and from the two main ports to trace out sunken containers.y The Indian Navy's survey vessel. . y By Wednesday evening. it had managed to identify the location of three such containers lying underwater and prominent markers have been set up to warn all vessels in the vicinity.

y Though skeletal operations have begun. around five km off Mumbai. y As a result. all normal maritime activities had come to a halt in Mumbai since Saturday when MSC Chitra and a St. the port authorities are hopeful that normal maritime activities could be resumed by Sunday. Kitts cargo carrier MV Khalijia-III collided. .y The danger of sunken or floating containers looms large over the country's biggest and busiest port since around 120 containers had fallen off the beleaguered MSC Chitra of Panama till Tuesday.


.Oil spill has created huge mess on beaches Environmentalists have expressed concern over the damage the oil spill has done to some of the beaches in Mumbai and neighbouring Raigad.

. and oil seeps into its outer layer. Human hair is porous.PREVENTIVE MEASURES The state government is considering using the 'hair boom' technique to mop up the oil spill off the Mumbai coast. To give international level course to coast guards focusing on oil spill assessment and shoreline clean-up exercise to train officials in tackling such disasters. It is also biodegradable. it is one of the safest cleaning solutions to an oil spill. therefore.

build double hulls into vessels. y All major cargo vessels and oil tanker should be equipped with proper navigation system. Existing single-hull vessels can also be rebuilt to have a double hull. Installation of Radiation Monitor Portals. which reduces the risk and severity of a spill in case of a collision or as to avoid the collision . y Double-hulling .methods to prevent releases of oil or hydrocarbons into environment.  Secondary containment .

Shipping between the ports of umbai and Jawaharlal ehru will be disrupted for at least a wee and aers Line has stopped accepted bookings for the area. . of The dispatches have come down to 1 -15 containers. A shipping channel on the west coast of India has been closed after a collision between two vessels on Saturday sent containers into the sea and also caused an oil spill.IMPACT TO INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Shi ing c panies are rep rte ly lamenting their l sses f ll wing s spension of ship movement to and from the ports mbai and due to the oil spill off the umbai coast.

. A common cause of economic loss to fishermen is interruption to their activities by the presence of oil or the performance of clean-up operations. Hotel and restaurant owners and others who gain their livelihood from the tourist trade can also suffer temporary losses. Four billion dollar of trade will be lost if the oil spill off the Mumbai coast is not dealt with by the weekend. It pegs losses to Indian importers and exporters at USD 20 million by the end of the week.Mumbai oil spill to incur loss USD 4 billion by weekend.


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