Sydney Opera House

March 9, 2007 Annalie Ricketts 3rd Period

Sydney Opera House

Map of Australia

Sydney Opera House


Global Importance
The Sydney Opera House is globally important, because of all the performances they have. They host Operas, which are watched world wide, they also host plays, ballet performances, and concerts. Many people all over the world will tune in and watch the performances.

The History of the Sydney Opera House
The Sydney Opera House was opened in 1973. The creator was a Danish architect named Jorn Utzon. The Opera House was originally supposed to house two theatres, one big one seating more people, and one small one seating less people.

History continued
The construction of the Opera House began in March of the year 1959. Originally, the design by Utzon was said to be structurally impossible to build. Utzon researched on how to build the roof for four years, and finally came to a solution.

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After a lot of set backs the government forced Utzon to resign. Utzon resigned February 1966, as Stage Two was almost completed. After he resigned Australian architects continued with the construction of the House. Queen Elizabeth the second opened the building officially on October 20, 1973.

Details: The country & it s culture
The religion is diverse; there are no state religions. They are ruled by Queen Elizabeth the second. Their schools are three tier modeled. Primary Education (primary schools, public schools), Secondary Education (secondary college, high school), and Tertiary Education (TAFE, University)

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