Bagia Suphia

Skyler Cauley
Blubal Cunnectiuns
ap uf where Bagia Suphia is Lucated
Pictures uf Bagia Suphia
Pictures uf Bagia Suphia
Pictures uf Baiga Suphia
Bistury uf Bagia Suphia
4lthuugh there are
nu artifacts cunfirming
Bagia Suphia, it was said
that it was built un the
site uf an ancient pagan
temple. Baiga Suphia
went thuugh twu phases
uf cunstructiun befure its
present state.
Lnfurtunately nuthing
remains uf the uriginal
Bagia Suphia built in the
Pictures uf Bagia Suphia
Culture and Backgruund uf Bagia Suphia
Bagia Suphia is a massive dume, which is the pruminent
architectural feature.
lt is the muther church uf all Lastern Christians.
lt was first knuwn as the Breat Church because it was
the biggest knuwn church at the time. 1hen it became
knuwn as Buly wisdum because it was a name given tu
Christ by theulugians in the fuurth century.
Bagia Suphia was first knuwn as a Christian Church,
later an Lastern Brthudux Church, and then it was
transfurmed intu a musque in 1453 by the 1urks. ln
1935 Bagia Suphia was cunverted intu a museum. lt is
nurmal cunsidered une uf the great and must beautiful
buildings in histury.
Pictures uf Bagia Suphia
(Secund marble fluur)
Pictures uf Bagia Suphia
(Bagia Suphia at night)
Pictures uf Bagia Suphia
(Bagia Suphia at night)
Pictures uf Bagia Suphia
(Rebuilding uf Baiga Suphia.)
what makes Bagia Suphia su BLBB4LLY
Bagia Suphia is une uf
the first knuwn Christian
Church's in the wurld tu
be su big and beautiful.
Bagia Suphia has been
hit with many sturms but
is still has been rebuilt tu
what it luuks like tuday.
Bagia Suphia is une uf
the several great
churches built by
Cunstantine the Breat.
(Fluur plan)

Pictures uf Bagia Suphia
Christ usaic
1he Lnd!