The Church¶s Social Teachings

Care for the poor .Duties of Workers and Employers .1. Encyclical Letter of Pope Leo XIII.Rights of the workers . The Condition of Labor Rerum Novarum.Return to Christian Morals .Role of Private Property . 1891 Major Areas of Concern: .Role of Public Authority .

The Reconstruction of the Social Order Quadragesimo Anno.Responsible Ownership .Public Authority .2.Role of the Church .Labor and Capital .Just Social Order . Encyclical Letter of Pope Pius XI.Capitalism and Socialism . 1931 Major Areas of Concern: .

Role of the Church .3.Agriculture . Christianity and Social Progress Mater et Magistra. Encyclical Letter of Pope John XXIII.International Cooperation .Just Renumeration .Economic Development .Socialization .Subsidiarity . 1961 Major Areas of Concern: .

Disarmament .Rights and duties .4.Christian World Order .International Relations . 1963 Major Areas of Concern: .Common Good . Encyclical Letter of Pope John XXIII.Role of the Public Authorities . Peace on Earth Pacem in Terris.

Peace .Justice and Development . Second Vatican Council.5.Public Responsibility .Right of Culture .³Signs of the Times´ .Human Dignity . The Church in the Modern World Gaudium et Spes.Common Good .Respect for the Families . 1965 Major Areas of Concern: .

Encyclical Letter of Pope Paul VI. 1967 Major Areas of Concern: .International Trade .Common Good .Structural Injustice .Human Aspirations .Economic Planning .Peace .Church and Development .6.New Humanism . The Development of Peoples Populorum Progressio.

Political Activity .7.Urbanization .Role of Local Churches . Apostolic Letter of Pope Paul VI. 1971 Major Areas of Concern: . A Call to Action Octogesima Adveniens.Worldwide Dimension of Justice .Duties of Individual Christians .

1971 Major Areas of Concern: .Gospel Mandate for Justice .Justice as Christian Love .Education for Justice .International Action . Justice in the World Statement of the Synod of Bishops.Right to Develeopment .8.

Evangelization in the Modern World Evangelii Nuntiandi.9. Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Paul VI.Justice and Liberation .Gospel and Non-Christians . 1975 Major Areas of Concern: .Personal Conversion .Universal and Individual Churches .Church and Culture .

Encyclical of John Paul II.10.Property .Capitalism and Socialism .Dignity of Work . On Human Work Laborem Exercens.Spirituality of Work . 1981 Major Areas of Concern: .Employment .Unions .

Encyclical Letter of Pope John Paul II. The Social Concern of the Church Sollicitudo Rei Socialis.Authentic Development .Ecological Concerns .Solidarity .Option for the Poor .North/South Gap . 1988 Major Areas of Concern: .Structure of Sin .11.