Google in China

By Group 6 Manorath Rana Chris Phillip Shruthi Machurlu Sheeba Solomon Vijayanandan Unni

Introduction ‡ Google is a web search engine which is. committed in providing easy access to as much information as possible. ‡ This commitment is in direct conflict with the Chinese government¶s goals. it is designed to attain profit . ‡ Google¶s ³mission statement´ regarding free and universal access to information is designed not on some moral high ground. but rather.

‡ The company¶s decision to move into China was surely based on economic rather than on a high-minded principle about free speech. was attempting to impose American cultural/capitalistic values upon another country²one that has its own distinct traditions and cultural values ‡ China is violating individual rights by controlling/concealing information from its public . ‡ Google. in effect.

. the estimates are that it went up to to as high as 134 mil. etc.Question 1. ‡ The number of internet users in China accounts to 103 mil and in 2005. Analyze Google¶s strength and weakness in China ? How can Google compete with local service providers such as Baidu.? Strength : ‡ The company had established a Chineselanguage version of its search engine.

which were banned. .Weakness : ‡ Government restrictions regarding access to the certain websites. ‡ The citizens of China were restricted to access to information and freedom of speech. ‡ Online shopping was not so popular China which did not attract many advertisers.

games. watch movies online. ‡ The company had to disclose their user information when the Government requests for the details. Government monitoring over the activities did not encourage growth of Google. etc. .‡ Censoring the websites. ‡ It did not provide wide range of entertainment services such as e-mail.

‡ Opportunities : It can provide other services such as e-mail. other entertainment services. It could provide more ‡ Threats : Baidu. Yahoo. . Government restrictions.

watch movies online. ‡ It must also provide other services such as email. ‡ It should be in good terms with the government. it must make itself popular among Chinese citizens. .Competing with local service provider Baidu‡ As it already has an international brand name. etc. gaming.

.‡ It must provide news and services in relation to China. ‡ It must use censors software in their systems.

‡ It already has a brand name internationally. From the Business perspective what are the arguments for and against entering China ? ‡ Google should enter China as the population grew from 0 to 103 mil. . and the number keeps growing.Question 2. It covers around 11% of world¶s internet users. ‡ Negotiation with the Government further might loosen up the their restrictions.

‡ Google provides only entertainment and news services which are further controlled by the government.‡ Online shopping is not so popular in China. . Google cannot enter China because: ‡ Threat from local service providers. by concentrating on that service Google get revenue through advertisements. ‡ Government restrictions on access to websites.

Question 3. adhering to China¶s policy at the beginning and not following the same at the end. what are the arguments for and against entering China for Google? Google announced its compliance to the Chinese policy of censorship. From the ethical perspective. By over ruling the China¶s government policy on censorship Google has made an unethical move. ‡ . Google has been criticized by many as being hypocritical. .

‡ Google¶s surrender to China¶s demand while simultaneously fighting against the U.S. This is another unethical side of Google. ‡ China is now censoring some search queries itself. government for requesting similar information. thus diverting itself from the actual policy. which is unethical move by China¶s government .

follow their rules and co operate with them. It can provide wide range of services. What would you recommend Google and why ? We would recommend Google to enter China.Question 4. and try to censor certain key words and websites. . and try to capture the market as it comes up to 11 % of the world¶s internet users. It can maintain good relationship with Chinese government.

‡ Google can provide services relating to China. try to build a closer relationship with the people. ‡ It can provide services without disrupting the Chinese tradition. .

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