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• 簡介背景 (研究建構+研究問題)
• 目標
• 方法
• 歸納希望的結果
• 對特定領域的貢獻
範例一 (1 of 2)
簡介背景 (研究建構+研究問題) Global economic growth depends on
the ability of all nations to ensure sustained national growth, such as in
the hi-tech sector. While science-based industrial parks represent the
hub of hi-tech development in Taiwan, modern transportation
necessitates the construction of a hi-speed railway infrastructure, which
is infeasible for transportation inside such industrial parks. Such an
infrastructure may hinder park operations in certain ways. In addition to
interfering with manufacturing quality with a science park, vibrations
from a high speed railway system may subsequently discourage
enterprises from establishing their operations inside such facilities and
necessitating that governmental authorities strive to resolve this
dilemma. 目標 Therefore, this work describes a vibration mitigation
method to alleviate the adverse impact of a high-speed railway system.
方法Vibrations induced by a high-speed railway system are observed in
all operational aspects. Vibrations are then observed continuously at
the job site, with estimations correspondingly made. Next, the vibration
properties are analyzed, including frequencies, velocities, and various
vibration sources from the ambient ground surface.
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Additionally, properties involving the geology, topology and
related solid indexes are analyzed on all estimated lines.
Moreover, above data and related project objectives are
integrated and perused to design the intended mitigation
infrastructure. 歸納希望的結果及 Analytical results indicate
that the proposed vibration mitigation ssystem, thus
eliminating concerns of administrators in hi-tech industrial-
based parks. 其對特定領域的貢獻Importantly, the proposed
vibration mitigation method facilitates the implementation of
vibration phenomena-related projects. Consequently,
manufacturing production will reach an acceptable rate and
generate project revenues in hi-tech industrial-based parks.
Achieving the above goals requires that practitioners and
academics integrate their efforts to reach an efficient
範例二 (1 of 2)
簡介背景 (研究建構+研究問題) Responsible for 80-90% of
all public construction projects, construction companies and
engineering consultancy firms lack personnel with art-
related backgrounds, explaining the absence of an
aesthetic quality in project design. The lack of such design
considerations can prevent a city from emitting a unique
landscape or image. 目標 Therefore, this work presents a
novel strategy to incorporate additional aesthetic planning
in public construction projects in order to revitalize the city
landscape and instill in residents an appreciation of art. 方
法 An exploratory landscape group governing public
construction projects is established, whose members have
art-related backgrounds. Those members then decide how
to incorporate an aesthetic quality in public construction
projects. Next, design and construction are untaken by
incorporating the group recommendations.
範例二 (2 of 2)
Additionally, the group functions in an advisory role for
public construction projects to clearly plan out the
landscape setting. 歸納希望的結果及 Analysis results
indicate that the proposed exploratory landscape
group alleviates concerns of incompatibility between
landscape setting and city construction by integrating
an aesthetic quality in urban planning. 其對特定領域的
貢獻 Doing so significantly improves the urban
landscape and instills in residents an appreciation of
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