Leadership and Corporate Culture

y Each firm has a distinct culture. .definition y Set of key behavior .beliefs and shared understanding that are shared by members of the organization y Define basic organizational values and communicates to new members the correct way to think and act.

Why culture is so important? y Because it powerfully influences the behavior of employees y To survive and prosper in a ever-changing environment. adaptability is key of success y Because it is difficult to change .

beliefs. ‡ Invisible elements reflect deeper values such as underlying assumptions. symbols. actions. and thought processes or true culture ‡ . stories.Levels of Culture y Culture exists at two levels At the surface are visible and observable behaviors . dress. and ceremonies that are shared.

Interpreting culture y Rites and ceremonies y Stories y Symbols y language .

The emergence of culture Group Interaction Positive Results Norms of Behavior Shared Values Culture A strong corporate culture= Values widely shared amongst employees .

strategy Vision to be culture How to behave along the way c o m m u n i c a t i o n Current situation strategy What do we need to focus on .