BEL 422




dislike.Background of study ‡ A social structure made of nodes ‡ Types of interdependency. social relationships. financial ‡ Exchange. knowledge or prestige. . kinship. or relationships of beliefs. such as friendship.

‡ The network can also be used to determine the social capital of individual actors.‡ A social network is a map of all of the relevant ties between the nodes being studied. .

‡ More students become heavily dependent on its functions without knowing or realizing the possible effects or dangerous that it could bring to them.Statement of the Problem ‡ Social networking has advantages and disadvantages. . ‡ Social networking become popular in 2000 until now.

Purpose of Study ‡ ‡ ‡ The advantages and disadvantages of using social networking Causes and effects of using social networking To inform the percentages of people using the social networking ‡ To find out the types of social networking using by them. .

To identify the types of social networking used by students and staff. To identify the percentage of students and staff using social networking.Objectives of the Study To identify the advantages and disadvantages of social networking. To identify causes effects of social networking. .

Research Questions - To find out the type of social networking used by students and staffs. - To find out the causes effects of social networking. times and benefits of using social networking. . - To explore the advantages and disadvantages of social networking. - To find out the places.

and to find out bad experience of social networking. UITM Shah Alam The data collected via questionnaire were distributed from August 2009. times. to indicate the place.Significance of the Study To find out the type of social networking. Scope of Study To fulfill the report requirement The respondents. Planning and Surveying. and benefit of using social networking. to explore the purpose of using social networking. The respondents include the students and staff of FSPU . who were from Faculty of Architecture.


UITM Shah Alam.Introduction The main purpose of the research is to establish the reasons respondent using social networking among students and staff in FSPU. Data for the research was collected through questionnaire and observation. .

Quantitative research methodology Demographic information Bad experience using social networking sections of the questionnaire Type of social networking site Comments Benefit from social networking .Research Instrument .Reasons for using social networking .

. Obtaining the frequency in using social networking Purpose for using social networking among selected respondents.Qualitative research methodology Observation.

5 students from FSPU staffs. - A total of 25 students from FSPU students. a total of 30 questionnaires were distributed to students at different faculties of the university. UITM Shah Alam.Respondents of Study Students and staffs in FSPU. . - In August 2009.

Research Procedure 25 students were involved in the pilot study chosen at random at various places of the university. . Observe the respondents use of social networking. Initial questionnaire was given to them. The questionnaires were distributed.

Data Analysis Data were entered into the computer using software. The observation were transcribed. analysed and tabulated in tables. . Presented through frequency counts and other descriptive statistics.


Question 3 registered users of social networking sites 100 percent were registered users which is the students and staffs .They taught that communicating through social networking sites is more efficient in exchanging information among the social networking community .

Question 4 the type of social networking sites .

The Importance of Social Networking .Question 5-10 .

Question 11 The usual places respondents go online .

Question 12 the times do respondents online per day .

Question 13 the suitable time to be online .

Question 15 bad experience using social networking ‡ The present findings seem to be consistent with other research that users of social networking adopt different tactic in managing trust and identity while communicating with other users in the same social networking sites .

Question 16 the type of bad experience .

Question 17 chances of being cheated ‡ Most of the social networking users do not being through revealing their personal details ‡ Users only know the username not the real name ‡ Users are advised to not reveal any personal information related to password or pin number to others no matter in what condition .

Question 18-19 respondents opinions on social networking usage .

CONCLUSION ‡ Female users were higher than male users. ‡ Yahoo Messenger was the top ranking of social networking sites. information. ‡ They use social networking for : To communicate among their friends Exchange opinion. studies and assignments thru social networking Promote internet base business to gain extra income To kill time Promote or introduce themselves to the community .

RECOMMENDATION Other service provider (social networking sites) need to provide good services and improve their promotional strategy if they want to compete with Yahoo Messenger. Service provider should promote new minor services that would be of interest to student to attract more customers. Students should beware of the community of social networking sites and not to trust easily. .