‡ Augmented Reality supplements reality. rather than replacing it. ‡ It is like a ³Middle Ground´ between Virtual Environment and Real Environment.Introduction ‡ Augmented Reality is different from Virtual Reality. .

‡ Registered in 3d. ‡ Interactive in real time. ‡ Combines real and virtual. .What is AR ? It has the following three characteristics.

‡ Display information that user cant detect with his own senses. ‡ Intelligence Amplification .Motivation ‡ Enhances user perception.

Implementation Hardware Requirements for AR include : ‡ Display ‡ Tracking ‡ Input Devices ‡ Computer .

Implementation Software: ‡ Uses optical or video technologies to accomplish augmentation. ‡ Image Registration . ‡ Merges real world images and virtual 3d images.

Entertainment . Annotation and Visualization 4.Applications 1. Manufacturing and Repair 3. Robot Path Planning 5. Medical 2.

) with a planned footbridge (UK) . Newcastle (U. MIT) Augmented view of River Wear in Sunderland.Applications : Medical and Design Surgeon X-ray vision: XMinimallyMinimally-invasive brain surgery (AI Lab.K.

Applications : Entertainment RealReal-time facial expression recognition and animation of the clone¶s face (MIRALab. University of Geneva) .

) Prototype laser printer maintenance application. of Computer Science. (Courtesy Steve Feiner.Applications : Medicine Virtual fetus inside womb of pregnant patient. displaying how to remove the paper tray. Columbia University. (Courtesy UNC Chapel Hill Dept. Blair MacIntyre.) . and Dorée Seligmann.

) .)q Virtual lines show a planned motion of a robot arm (Courtesy David Drascic and Paul Milgram. U.Applications : Robot Path Planning Virtual lines help display geometry of shuttle bay. Toronto. (Courtesy David Drascic and Paul Milgram. Toronto. as seen in orbit. U.

) Windows displayed on top of specific real-world objects. an example of monitor-based AR. Blair MacIntyre. Columbia University. (Courtesy David Drascic and Paul Milgram. Toronto. and Eliot Solomon. (Courtesy Steve Feiner.) .Applications : Visualization External view of the ARGOS system. Marcus Haupt. U.

Conclusion ‡ AR is relatively new field and far behind VR in maturity. ‡ AR has great future as it promises better interaction with real and virtual world. ‡ AR is a costly development in technology. .


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