Sushil Kumar Robin Rana Sunil Dela Mangi Lal

as against 4 % increase. air traffic expected to fall 10%. post attacks .Synopsis ‡ EasyJet is Europe s leading low-fares airline ‡ 2001.

Marketing Strategy ‡ Eyeing on leisure and business traveler ‡ Low cost service through ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Excluded value added services max the utilization of assets paperless office 95% of tickets are currently sold online .

Need for research ‡ Address security issues ‡ Expansion plan ‡ Reaction from customers on upgrading the services .

Research Objective ‡ To study the customers perception on the introduction of new services ‡ All inclusive ticketing ‡ Hypothesis ‡ Improvement in the flight services will increase the satisfaction level of the customers .

Descriptive study ‡ Independent variable ‡ Improvement in flight services ‡ Dependent variable ‡ Satisfaction level of customers ‡ Cross-sectional study .

Sampling ‡ Non probability sampling ‡ Judgment sampling ‡ Data Collection Methods ‡ Qualitative methods ‡ Primary as well as secondary .

online questionnaire .limitation ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Time constrain Budget constrain Human behavior is very hard to determine Large geographical area.

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