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What is IPTV? IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a system where a digital television service is delivered using Internet Protocol over a network infrastructure, that is, a broadband connection. The official definition approved by the International Telecommunication Union focus group on IPTV (ITU-T FG IPTV) is as follows: "IPTV is defined as multimedia services such as television/video/audio/text/graphics/data delivered over IP based networks managed to provide the required level of quality of service and experience, security, interactivity and reliability."


In year 1994, ABCs World News was the first television

show to be broadcasted over the Internet.

Term IPTV first appeared in 1995 with the founding of Precept Software by Judith Estrin and Bill Carrico .  Software was written primarily by Steve Casner, Karl Auerbach, and Cha Chee Kuan. 

´ Other countries include South Korea (1. with a total of 4 million subscriptions. Spain. China. Orange etc.8 million subscriptions). ´ . Japan. Belgium. ´ The leading power is however France with service providers including Free. Italy. Switzerland and Portugal. Hong Kong.IPTV MARKETS IPTV has successful deployments in the west.

Pakistan and especially India.IPTV CONTD« IPTV is also growing in Latin American countries and in Southern Asian countries like Sri Lanka. ´ . ´ India·s first IPTV launcher is Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited(BSNL). ´ Anyhow Airtel have also come closer to the deployment of their IPTV.

It is a digital transmission of broadcast channels in multicast mode. Internet uses ´Best Effort Deliveryµ method. ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Internet TVµ : Broadcast of video signals streamed through the Internet. The delivery of the stream depends on the quality of the Internet connection and the bandwidth available to the end user. Though IPTV is delivered through the broadband (largely on ADSL) infrastructure it does not use Internet (www). online news clips) Content can be accessed any where in the world. (eg. It uses is a local WAN network and cannot be accessed unless subscribed for the service The services are delivered to the TV through a set top box (STB) and not PC. You tube videos.IPTV IPTV ‡ INTERNET TV ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is many a times misunderstood as Internet TV. IPTV & INTERNET TV . Internet TV can be viewed on the PC using any of the multimedia players. many a times the signal is not in real time. It is buffered before it is being played.

Improved quality: 100% digital ´ Triple play(also quadruple play) ´ VoD( Video on Demand): See movies now as you like from the library provided by the service provider.IPTV WHY IPTV? USER¶S VIEW POINT. ´ N-PVR(Network Personal Video Recording) ´ Parental controls ´ .


IPTV QUADRUPLE PLAY Television Multi-media High-Speed Internet Telephone Mobility .

IPTV OPERATOR¶S VIEW POINT y Declining voice & data revenue Commercial TV y Increased average revenue per user Video On Demand Time-shifted TV Video Phone Gaming (ARPU) y Access to new advertising revenue y Compete with cable & satellite TV providers High-speed Internet Telephone Service .


IPTV MAJOR FUNCTIONAL COMPONENTS OF IPTV       Content Sources Service Nodes Wide Area Distribution Networks Customer Access Links Customer Premises Equipment IPTV client .

IPTV IPTV HOME DISTRIBUTION SCENARIOS: The xDSL signal comes in and this is directed towards a splitter. The following illustrates possible home network connectivity scenarios use IPTV service: . This is then forwarded to the modem to where it is connected the connection goes to the PC or to the set top box for IPTV. This separates the telephone signal from the xDSL signal.

 No IPTV traffic on home networks: POTS Splitter xDSL Access Line Analog POTS phone Standard or High Definition TV PC Integrated xDSL modem Set top box Routing gateway Home Networ k .IPTV CONTINUED«.

IPTV CONTD« ´ IPTV traffic in home network: Set Top Box POTS Splitter xDSL Mode m Routin g Gatewa y Home Networ k Set Top Box TV embedde d with IPTV Client TV xDSL signal TV Analog POTS phone PC .

IPTV CONTD ´ Personal Video Recorders added: Set Top Box POTS Splitter xDSL Mode m Routin g Gatewa y Home Networ k Set Top Box TV xDSL signal TV PVR PC Analog POTS phone .

´ Traditional home networking technologies like Ethernet and 802.11 is not however a good solution ´ . ´ The scenario becomes complex when service providers offer service packages with multiple set top boxes.IPTV HOME NETWORKS FOR IPTV DISTRIBUTION Anyhow the residential gateway is not situated close with set top box.

which is a next generation home networking standard.9960). ITU adopted Recommendation G.11 is optimized for data transmission. inconvenience for the customer. ´ .hn (also known as G. they may not provide QoS required by IPTV.  Wireless technologies like 802. coaxial cables etc. ´ On December 2008.IPTV CONTD« Homes are not wired with ethernet in every roomexpensive for the service provider.  A popular solution is to use networking technologies that take advantage of existing home wiring-power lines. phone lines.

.IPTV ELECTRONIC PROGRAM GUIDE ´ Electronic Program Guide provides interactive program listing which is displayed for viewers to choose what they want to see. hear or play at their convenience.

bouquet options Excellent Set top Box not available not available IPTV Initial stages Broadband (FTTH or ADSL) PPV.IPTV COMPARISON B/W DIFFERENT SERVICES Platform Comparison Industry life cycle Type of access Pricing model Cable TV Under consolidation Co-Axial cable Co flat rate pricing NIL (Cable operator decides channels on the network) Poor beyond 80 channels None not available not available DTH Growth Dish antenna Multiple rental package Available to a limited extent. dependent on broadband network Set top box Available Available (Interactive) . a la carte Excellent. monthly rental Choice of channels delivery quality Customer premise equipment Time shift viewing Video/Audio on demand user driven.

 IPTV content remains in the network and only the content that is demanded by the customer is sent to home. Install your set-top box and power it on.  Programs can be stored on servers and ready to view with the click of a button on your IPTV remote. so the days of analog TV are fast becoming a thing of the past.  IPTV signals are 100% digital.  .IPTV ADVANTAGES Works on your existing internet connection .

IPTV CONTD«   High interactivity(VoD) Parental controls .

 Interactive program guide. games and TV programs.IPTV BSNL IPTV India·s first IPTV has been deployed by the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. music.  On demand movies.  . special events. ´ Some of the key features of BSNL IPTV are: ´ High quality digital picture.  Availability of multiple packages.

. One provider for three services.IPTV CONTD«    Parental controls. Karaoke on Demand .

IPTV CONTD« BSNL IPTV application form ´ BSNL IPTV channel List ´ IPTV tariff ´ .

eg: NO PACKET LOSS .IPTV IPTV LIMITATIONS ´ IPTV is sensitive to packet loss and delays if the streamed data is unreliable.



´ The low speed of broadband in remote places may affect the quality in which it is delivered ´ .IPTV LIMITATIONS« IPTV has strict minimum speed requirements in order to facilitate the right number of frames per second to deliver moving pictures.


IPTV FUTURE OF IPTV   IPTV with NGN is a future of IPTV . A Next-Generation Network (NGN) can be described as a telecommunications packet-based network that handles heavy traffic (such as voice. data. . and multimedia).

´ BSNL is planning to extend the service to more than 200 cities by 2010.IPTV CONCLUSION IPTV is a fast growing technology. ´ . ´ The interactivity provided by the IPTV is worth a mention. ´ The economics and more thirst for bandwidth have led to the popularity of this technology.

IPTV REFERENCES THANKS TO Mr.bsnl.com www.intellon.calcuttatelephones. M Kishore(Sub Divisional Engineer).wikipedia.com www. National Internet Backbone(NIB). BSNL www.in www.org ´ 1) 2) 3) 4) .



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