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A PR recommendation



¦ Appreciation of the |rief

¦ mage issues : the context
¦ ommunication o|ectives ƛ reiterated
¦ he strategic approach defined
¦ PR plan: the wa forward
¦ Agenc role and responsi|ilities
¦ erms of engagement : the commercials


¦ he 
 itan Ơum|ilical cordơ still
dominant in the ndian consumerƞs mindsetƦ

¦ uffers frm mar ’ gap

¦ ha is:
ƛ ia versus gl|al
ƛ Regular versus s lish
ƛ aar versus emprar
ƛ e hlg aper versus e hlg river
ƛ Dull like versus versaile a
ƛ Affra|le versus premium

¦ Agenc carried out a market pro|e in 4 prominent

markets in Delhi
¦ hese comprised
ƛ outh Extension
ƛ Lapat Nagar
ƛ onnaught Place
ƛ Kamala Nagar
¦ ive stores surve ed, namel
ƛ Johnson Watch ompan
ƛ Kapoor Watch ompan
ƛ Ro al porting House
ƛ E|on
ƛ itan: World of itan
¦ ›   
¦ However, |rands like Esprit and itan had prime |illing
¦ ales staff were not even familiar with the  EX LX line,
and recommended instead the itan Aviator
¦ ther customers seemed more interested in European |rands
like issot or Esprit

¦ ix stores surve ed, namel
ƛ RL Exports nternational
ƛ Elite Jewellers
ƛ Amarson Watch ompan
ƛ Johnson & ompan
ƛ ikka & ons
ƛ itan: he World of itan
¦ nl two Elite Jewellers and ikka & ons stocked imex
¦ m ! 

"# m" 
¦ oth stores that carried  EX were Ơom and Popơ stores,
not reall displa ing the |rand as an elite product; rather as
one of the man low-end |rands

¦ wo stores surve ed, namel
ƛ ehgal Watch o
ƛ ahindra Watch o
¦ oth stores carried  EX watches, including the LX
¦ › " 
¦ nside displa s gave  EX equal |illing to other |rands,
and the LX series was placed in the forefront
¦ n the whole, salespeople were knowledgea|le a|out
the |rand, and descri|ed the LX line as technologicall
superior to the itan Aviator line
' &
¦ hree stores surve ed, namel
ƛ ama
ƛ he Watch Point
ƛ he itan hop
¦    "# m

¦ At ama ,  EX watches were displa ed alongside itanƞs
astrack and itizen watches, whereas itan |randed
watches were given more prominent store space
¦ At ama , the salesperson also recommended itan a|ove
 EX, on the grounds that itan is ndiaƞs num|er one |rand

¦  EX seems to |e Ơdifficultơ to findƦfurthermore, the
LX series is even rarer!
¦ imex | and large lags |ehind in terms of prominent
shelf displa
¦ itan and imex : the Ơcommonalit ơ (read: confusion!)
largel prevails
¦ Due to its perceived Ơ ndian rootsơ, figures ver low in
the premium set ; also lags |ehind other prominent
European |rands

a  )

Π  - 

¦  e im
e s ll |lu
¦ Rel  vel lw s l e e levels  e s f
ƛ Gl| l s  

ƛ  k e 
ƛ e hl
l leses
ƛ R 
e  v  e ffee
ƛ   e  s
Π  - 

¦ Diffuse image i erms f 


¦ his is primaril s ue  :
ƛ ia ae ees sill mia i mises
ƛ isake iei als prevale -iri all wih
ha f asra k!
ƛ her Ɲgl|alơ |ras iue  e |eer
psiive re all -WPas experie e

¦ o what extent has the glo|al |rand am|assador,

rett Lee reall |een a|le to leverage the |rand





¦ What then is the need definition


¦ Need to focus on + ,

¦ n this, focus will |e on showcasing the range in
mid premium and luxur segments

¦ Need to showcase the , 

  in terms of
ƛ nternational st ling
ƛ Glo|al track record / standing
ƛ echnolog oriented innovations and product

¦ Need to |uild + 

 , for existing
imex users
¦ Need to strengthen lo alt factor, there|
reinforcing need to tr new/latest imex models
in the immediate future
¦ asis the a|ove, need to help generate positive
W and there| , strong referral value

¦ Need to proect the innovative, d namic face of

the corporate |rand
¦ Need to highlight its strengths in ndia, |e it in
terms of
ƛ manufacturing
ƛ product range offered
ƛ nternational lineage
ƛ New plans in the offing

¦ Need to make the + 

, a
shopperƞs dream come true
¦ Need to highlight
ƛ nnovative displa /merchandising
ƛ ustomer service
ƛ After sales service
ƛ verall am|ience/retail environment

¦ he   % for imex in

ndia evolve ver clearl Ʀ






Π %-

¦ Reinforce imexƞs inherent positioning as a

glo|al, sport , techie, st lish and contemporar
Π %-

¦ onsolidate its glo|al position amongst its

current customers
¦ uild a long term |ond with its customers,
there| generating lo alt and positive referral
Π %-

¦ Leverage the new corporate identit for imex

¦ howcase different facets of the corporate
ƛ Growth and diversification plans
ƛ Launch of international range of premium and
luxur |rands/products
ƛ ndia |eing an important manufacturing hu|
for the international parent

¦ o address each of these three o|ectives, we

will |e using a  



¦ An 
¦ omprising Ơifferen srokes for ifferen
a  -

. /  

¦ Leverage the |rand in terms of direct |rand -
customer interface interms of
ƛ ustomized events/on ground activities
ƛ ther direct contact programs including direct
mail, promotions/exhi|itions/online
ƛ Presenting rett Lee as the em|odiment of
the glo|al |rand persona
a  -

¦ Leverage the compan and its differentiated
product portfolio in terms of
ƛ ts new corporate identit
ƛ ndia specific operations
ƛ nternational lineage
a  -

. /  a

¦ Leverage the inherent pluses of the |rand, reinforce
its glo|al positioning through initiating several
measures including
ƛ R programs
ƛ ie-ups/co |randing opportunities for customers
ƛ ustomized events/get-togethers
ƛ Periodic customer feed|ack

¦ onsolidate and enhance |rand visi|ilit

¦ road |ase communications reachƦwiden
impactƦreach a larger target audience
¦ reate multiple communication platforms and
visi|ilit opportunities to leverage through media
¦ dentif and utilize Ơoutside the |oxơ marketing



¦ ue cusomes
¦ Pospecive uses
¦ edi f ei
¦ piio Le des
¦ ue uc c
¦ i ci commui
¦ D
¦ mmp o ees
¦ P es/vedos/disi|uio
iemedi ies
¦ edi
¦ f ueces
¦ "f mi

¦ imex Watches is now imex Group ndia Ltd
¦ imexƞs new corporate identit s m|olizes its new
aggressive |usiness growth and diversification plans
¦ imex is the onl international |rand having
manufacturing capa|ilities in ndia
¦ imex is an internationall renowned |rand
ƛ No 1 watch |rand in the U, anada, & UK
ƛ ver 150 ears heritage in the time-keeping
ƛ old over a |illion watches worldwide

¦ imex as a gl|al |ehemh is plaig  uveil is

laes rage f premium a luxur wa hes
¦ imex is a aggressive, markeig savv , e hlg
riee mpa  he mve, fferig he |es wrk
evirme a grwh prspe s
¦ imex is a pieer i e hlgi all ava e wris-
ƛ ppular examples |eig he igl, Daalik, ere
esseger, Hear Rae ir, GP, P3Ʀ
ƛ w he sumer Ele ri s vai awar i
U ver he las few ears

¦ imex is a glo|al, sport , innovative, techie and

st lish |rand
¦ imex is a ver versatile |rand offering popular
hundreds of st les among its ashion, ports,
utdoor and Youth lines
¦ orporate Profiling ƛ a
¦ rand Profiling ƛ a 
¦ eam profiling ƛ r Kapil
¦ a,point of view in
select ndustr stories
¦ PR support for important
activities / events
a 3  *




¦ New line launches
¦ Appointment of r management
¦ New colla|orations / products Ú  
¦ ignificant R initiative taken |

¦ elect media interactions with  EX
senior glo|al executives
¦ his will further help |uild  EX |rand

¦ A stor in a |usiness dail /
trade magazine a|out  EXƞs Ú  
international success, especiall
with regard to the U and
anadian markets 


¦ New Delhi and also target in
angalore, hennai, Kolkata
and um|ai
©  - 

 3 a

¦ o showcase  EX glo|al
presence and its approach in Ú  
|ringing convergence on
¦ nitiate media familiarization 

trips to  EX factories in  

ndia and a|road

¦ nternational Exhi|itions,
4 - 

¦ frmal ge-gehers wih Ú  
sele  meia  esa|lish level f
familiari a mfr


he |e ive f his ifrmal mee is 

 ge a sr |  |il a relaishi
¦ Articles could |e initiated on the
Econom / ndustr Ʀ
ƛ hanging lifest les in ndia
ƛ  EXƞs technolog at work
ƛ Watching trends in ndia
.$ *
¦ Pitch | lined articles or existing white 

papers written | senior  EX officials in  
trade magazines
¦ Recommending Ke alk points
¦ Press Releases, Q & As 
¦ Press nformation NotesƦ

¦ Held in different parts of
ndia to |e leveraged in the

¦ rganise ndustr eminar or
sponsor select eminars
prefera|l as a title    

his would |e accordingl leveraged
in the media

¦  EX could participate

in ke ndustr
eminars | sponsoring Ú  
it and taking the Ke
note peaker slot

his would |e accordingl     
leveraged in the media
¦ Defining crisis management
¦ Preparing crisis management
¦ ormulating media strategies Ú Ú  
during crisis Ú  
¦ Esta|lishing relation with
Govt & trade agencies    

¦ oordinating with  EX to     
address crisis
¦ Neutralizing negative     
perceptions, if an , floating   Ú  
around in the media
. 66 4  -
¦   . *
¦ or instant media attention at important event, rand
Am|assador works like a catal st
Appearances at special events viz :- Lanch of new
initiatives, Select ime actor openin
s, in sports other
than cricket viz Golf ornament, CSRƦ
¦ r
anize/sponsor hi
 profile a12
a    in Deli, m|ai, an
alore and Jaipr
¦ 4 -4
¦ EXƞs initiative to |e intensified | or
and invitin
cele|rit social worker(s)

. 66 4  -

* / 4 

¦ nitiate stories revolving around the latest
ndian/ glo|al advertising campaigns in select
media, eg ND ƞs tor oard, ND Profitƞs
All A|out Ads, he trategistƞs advt review
section, Agenc faqsƞs tor oard section
. 66 4  -


¦ reate a launch event | t ing up with a fashion
house/designer level
¦ ustomize the theme in terms of unveiling the
latest collection
¦ nvite select opinion leaders, corporate captains
and media
¦ Leverage the Ɲeventƞ across all relevant product
launch columns/events calendars, etc with
relevant photo opportunities
. 66 4  -5
a/ .  
¦ Generate good W as a Ơcompan to look out
forơ amongst |udding corporate captains in the
¦ nstitute a Ơimex anagement hairơ in select
 schools including  , D
¦ Also, regularl explore opportunities of
sponsoring select  chool HR and arketing
¦ Have ke senior management regularl take up
participation in seminars/s mposiums/mentoring
. 66 4  -5

a  6 

¦ reate specific events around select imex
range of products
ƛ Eg, imex utdoor collection to |e promoted
as a ke sponsor for a ƠNational elecom
ompan utreachơ competition

¦ he  for the first 3 months

for imex as detailed earlier looks as followsƦ
a*a5aa$*a-&,78/ ! 79
A. Client - Agency Debriefing
A.1. Discuss in details Company objectives for
next 3 mths, check on existing as well as
proposed new product launches and
new initiatives including retail activities
A.2. Finalising all press material for TIMEX India,
including collection of profiles with photographs
of key spokespersons, corporate backgrounder
international context, product details, etc.
A.3. Finalize the industry media monitoring mechanism
{. Media Relations (Corporate related/new corporate identity related, India specific plans,etc.)
B.1. One on one meets in Delhi/select metros
B.2. Informal press meets in Delhi/select metros
B.3. Media seeding with press releases
B.4. Fam trip to TIMEX plants(See "TIMEX technology at work")
B.5. Retail initiatives - opening of new outlets
B.6. Media leveraging of TIMEX global executives visiting India
B.7. Media monitoring
C. Media Relations ({rand related /existing products/new products in the offing)
C.1. Media seeding / bridging tactics for international
brand/current India specific advt. campaigns
C.2. Media leveraging for all products in announcement columns
C.3. Media monitoring
D. Speaker Opportunities for TIMEX management team
D.1. Participation in select B Schools industry related seminars
D.2. Invitation as guest speakers to select B Schools
D.3. Mentoring for select students in B Schools
E. Events / ground activities
F. Case studies / {y lined articles
To be taken up in the second quarter only

¦ Preparing media kits

¦ Preparing media manuals
¦ Preparing profile of the spokesperson
¦ edia monitoring
¦ trategizing all communications
. 66:-

¦ Preparing all press releases
¦ Required translations
¦ Disseminating and follow ups
¦ onitoring & mailing scanned cop to  EX

. 66:-


¦ nvites distri|ution with |riefing to ournalists
¦ Preparing media materials with translations
¦ edia training to spokesperson of  EX, if
¦ Press release preparation & dissemination
¦ onitoring & mailing scanned cop to  EX



¦ Pointer identification & anal sis for interviews
¦ edia pitching and coordination
¦ edia |rief to spokesperson for the interviews
¦ onitoring & mailing scanned cop to  EX

. 66:-5

¦ oordinating with  EX to identif   case
¦ ollecting data and figures for case stud
¦ Processing & preparing case stud for approval
¦ Pitching in trade media for the case stud
¦ onitoring & mailing scanned cop to  EX

¦ randed Dockets
¦ orporate |rochure / D
¦ Press Release
¦ Profile and colour photograph of  EX
spokesperson (s)
¦ Product photographs
¦ Note Pads / Pens
¦ randed omentos

¦ Annual contract to |e signed up
¦ o |e renewed after one ear on mutuall agreed
¦ n case of termination of contract on either side,
two monthƞs notice to |e given
¦ irst monthƞs Retainer ee to |e paid in advance
¦ Next month onwards, out of pocket expenses (PE)
of the previous month along with next monthƞs
retainer fee to |e paid
¦ All design, printing and advertising related work, if
entrusted to uzz ommunications, will |e charged
for additionall , on |asis of pre-approved estimates
› 3

£     £
      £ -    






a   )

. 66  $

1012, ndraprakash uilding, 21, arakham|a Road, New Delhi ƛ 110 001 ND A
el: +91 11 4359 6661 / 2 / 3, ax:+ 91 11 43596664
e-mail: achal@|uzzcommin

i UZZ ommunications Pvt Ltd his document and the material contained in it are the propert of
UZZ and are given to  EX on the understanding that such material and the ideas, concepts and
proposals expressed in it are the intellectual propert of UZZ, and protected | cop right t is
understood that  EX ma not use this material or an part of it for an reason other than the
evaluation of the document unless UZZ has entered into a further agreement for its use he
document is provided to  EX in confidence and on the understanding that it is not to |e disclosed
to an one other than  EX emplo ees who need to evaluate it