Radio Over Fiber

Advisor: Mr. Muhammad Saadi Members: Shahzaib Raza 071020-165 Osama Zaid 071020-149

.Problem Statement The demand for broadband services has driven Research on milli meter wave frequency band communications for wireless access networks. Solutions to overcome the problems by using low-attenuation. practical and relatively flexible system.e. Radio over Fiber (RoF) Cost-effective. electromagnetic interference-free optical fiber i.

Project Overview This project is about to simulate WCDMA Radio Over Fiber using Matlab Simulink. Phase I (Studies) RoF Systems and Techniques Broadband Networks Phase II (Simulations) Networks WCDMA Radio over Fiber .

Motivation RoF Technology Bit Error Rate (BER) Performance Various Division Multiplexing Techniques TDMA FDMA CDMA WDMA Phase Shift Keying (PSK) .

Methodology Study Optical networking RoF Architecture Designs Handover Processes Radio Resource Management Mobility Management Practical Simulations of Various Networks using MATLAB Simulink Implementation of Techniques .

Benefits of Radio over Fiber Systems Low Attenuation Loss Large Bandwidth Immunity to Radio Frequency Interference Easy Installation and Maintenance Reduced Power Consumption Operational Flexibility Millimeter Waves .

Applications of RoF Technology Cellular Networks Satellite Communications Video Distribution Systems Mobile Broadband Services Wireless LANs Vehicle Communication and Control Computer Modeling Next Generation In Building Networks .

Radio over Fiber Integration of Wireless and Fiber Optic Networks RF signals modulated with Light Modulation Frequency Optical Multiplexing Techniques TDM CDM WDM .

RoF Systems .

RoF Systems Central Base Station Fiber Optic Antenna Radio Access Point .

BPSK Modulation .

QPSK Modulation .

.Expected Outcomes ‡ The simulations of WCDMA Radio over fiber will be developed. ‡ The general concepts of WCDMA radio over fiber systems. ‡ Combination of WCDMA and RoF.

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