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English Pronunciation The Sounds of English

Features of English

There are 26 letters in English alphabet, but there are 44 sounds or phonemes in English language. The pronunciation of a word is written between two slashes: e.g.

cat -- /kæt/
Phonetic Transcription

Why learn pronunciation?

/ :t / Arch / :ke nd l/ Archangel / la d/
/ la d/

Allowed / Aloud Live / Leave
/l v/ /li:v/

IPA Chart SHORT vowels LONG vowels Diphthongs (double vowel sounds) Voiceless consonants Voiced consonants Other consonants .

Linkage of Sounds 1 Syllable /a / + /s/ = ice /m/ + /e / + /k/ = make /s/ + /au/ + /n/ + /d/ = sound /f/ + / / + /t/ + /b/ + / :/ + /l/ = football /l/ + / / + /v/ = love /p/ + /i/ + /æ/ + /n/ + / / = piano /h/ + / :/ + /n/ = horn / / + /n/ + / / + /s/ = honest 2 Syllables .

Short Vowels / / / / / / / / cup hot put away /I/ pig /æ/ man /e/ egg .

7. . Take that toy away from the kid! There is a big pig in the farm. 3. Put some sugar in my juice. One egg for me. 4. 2. A single man and a married woman. Would you like to have a cup of tea? The coffee is not too hot. 6. 5.Let¶s practise! 1. two eggs for you.

Short Vowel Sounds /e/ leg dead treasure friend wet bury said /æ/ ban fan hand bad land black sack / / duck luck come young tough blood does / / rock wash odd lot waffle wallet novel / / cinema dinner never terror bother charisma balloon .

Hear the Difference / / cup uncle bunk but swum /æ/ cap ankle bank bat swam .

war / :/ learn. heat / :/ four. food /i:/ see. turn /a:/ father.Long Vowels /u:/ blue. arm . call.

Contrast: Long & Short Vowels /i:/ Long Vowel sheep wheel sleep leave reach cheap / / Short Vowel ship will slip live rich chip .

Long & Short Vowels /u:/ Long Vowel food full pool cool boot moon / / Short Vowel foot good pull could book would .

Diphthongs /aI/ cry five eye bye try buy rise /eI/ say eight bake day take make wait / I/ boy oil join toy foil /I / /e / / / /a / / / ear air go now poor here hair low out pure hear bear home how shower near wear bone pouch tower odour flower tourist beer heir where .

. Let¶s go home now. 4. 3. She has bright eyes that look like ice. 2. .Practise! 1. and it drinks beer.m. 6. My mother bakes delicious cakes and loves to say funny things. I leave home at eight a. The boy joins the Toy Club. 5. Poor people have pure hearts. The bear has brown hair. and start my work at quarter to eight. 7.

Voiced Consonants /b/ /d/ /d / /g/ /v/ /ð/ /z/ / / bad did joke give five this zoo vision lab lady bridge flag van then lazy treasure tabloid mad lodger beg vote Mother busy nation bob told binge giggle native that buzz Asian bubble present Other smooth beige pub .

Voiceless Consonants /p/ pay /t/ /t / /k/ /f/ / / /s/ / / tea church cat frog thin sun sugar tap get check back fluff thick miss she Shower peep tattoo touch physic author dance kick pop pretty punch knock coffee birth Ice pressure precious up flute careful rough healthy pussy cautious throw flute push thumb .

Hear the difference /d / joke /d k/ junk /d k/ lunge /l nd / surge /s :d / /t / choke /t k/ chunk /t k/ lunch /l nt / search /s :t / .

Other Consonants /m/ /n/ / / /l/ /r/ red try /h/ /w/ /j/ mum no sing leg man ten finger fell pant phone long tale how wet yet wind yes hi walk you drawer honey .

and we will go meet her Wednesday at the train station. Ask her to bring these things with her from the store: Six spoons of fresh snow peas.Convey a Message Please call Stella. five thick slabs of blue cheese. . and maybe a snack for her brother Bob. She can scoop these things into three red bags. We also need a small plastic snake and a big toy frog for the kids.

fa v k slæbs v bl : t i:z. nd t ð tre n 'stei n/ wi: g u mi:t h : 'Wenzd . A:sk h : t br n ði:z zw h : fr m ð st : : s ks sp nz v fre sn .Phonetic transcription of the message to Stella / pli:z k :l Stel . Wi: ' 'plæst ck sne k nd i: k n sk p ði:z z ' nt ls ni:d sm l b gt fr g f r ð k ds. nd 'me bi: snæk f r h : 'br ð B b. ri: red bægs.

Verbs Ending in -ed / d/ /t/ & /d/ Wait Need Board Guard Waited Needed Boarded Guarded /t/ Verbs end in « Voiceless Consonants /p/ /s/ /k/ /f/ / / /t / / / Laugh Walk Miss Catch Laughed Walked Missed Caught /d/ Voiced C. or Vowels /b/ /l/ /g/ /n/ /ð/ /d / / / /z/ Judge Play Rain Please Judged Played Rained Pleased .

Verbs ending in /t/ & /d/ cry /kra / = cried /kraid/ end /end/ = Ended /end d/ use /ju:z/ = Used /ju:zd/ fancy /fænsi/ = Fancied /fænsid/ thank / æ k/ = Thanked / æ kt/ mail /me l/ = Mailed /meild/ phone /fo n/ = Phoned /fo nd/ Melt /melt/ = Melted /melt d/ .

Plural Noun Ending -s /s/ Nouns ending in « /f/ /p/ / / /k/ /t/ .Voiceless /b/ /d/ /g/ / / /ð/ /m/ /r/ /l/ Cup /c p/ = /c ps/ Bath /bæ / = /bæ s/ Hat /hæt/ = /hæts/ Book /b k/ = /b ks/ Bed /b d/ = /b dz/ Game /ge m/ = /ge mz/ Party /parti/ = Toy /t /partiz/ /z/ Partie / = /t z/ NOTE: /i/ is pronounced like a short vowel / / .

lagoon. Most two-syllable nouns have 1st syllable stressed. with a few exceptions e. 7. so always check your dictionary for pronunciation.g. Word stress is found in words that have more than one syllable. Most two-syllable verbs have 2nd syllable stressed. Change in pitch Longer . 2. Word Stress does not have fixed rules. progress / µpro gres / [noun] or O proGRESS o (verb) O o PROgress (noun) /pr gres/ [verb] 5. 3. Stressing the wrong syllable can confuse the listener. In dictionaries. Word stress is important it helps to differentiate words that are both nouns & verbs. stressed syllable is underlined or comes after a vertical line high up [ µ ] e.Word Stress / Stressed Syllable Louder What is Word Stress? 1.g. 4. hotel 6.

. I need to record this in my note.Verbs & Nouns Verbs Record /r 'k : d/ Contract /k n'trækt/ Process /pr 'ses/ Export / ks'p : t/ Nouns Record /'rek : d/ Contract /'k ntrækt/ Process /'pro ses/ Export /'eksp : t/ I have two jazz records.

photography .Practise! O o o O oo o o o O o O o o equal O o equality O o o equalisation O o o equalise O O o ticket o passport O o o Malaysia O o hotel o apple O oo O o O o computer lecturer o o English banana beautiful o o o O o O o O o O o o I carried the bottle to the hotel.

Days / Months O o Monday O o Thursday O oo o January o O o Tuesday O o Wednesday O o O o o O o Friday Saturday Sunday O oo o O o oO O o February April July August O o December o O o o O o September October .

This book is about a boy wizard.Schwa / / . . You can find examples of this sound in many words that end with the letter µa¶. NOTE: Schwa sound is a weak vowel.Unstressed sofa /s f / Excellent / ks l nt/ Canada /kæn d / Banana /b n :n / America / mer k / Sister /s st / ________________________________ This present is for my brother.

. 2. The stress is on the number words.Sentence Stress 1 1 and 1 and a 1 and then a 2 2 and 2 and a 2 and then a 3 4 3 and 4 3 and a 4 3 and then a 4 NOTE: 1. The unstressed words are spoken much quicker in order to keep the rhythm of the language. All sentences are spoken at the same length of time despite their numbers.

NOTE: 1. I asked you to buy me a bunch of red roses. The third sentence emphasises that the speaker wants roses. The first sentence emphasises on µyou¶ ± the speaker is stressing that he wants the listener himself to buy the red roses. not any other kind of flowers. 4. 3. 2. Stress on different words is to convey different meanings. . I asked you to buy me a bunch of red roses. The second sentence emphasises that the roses cannot be other colour but red.Sentence Stress Listen and repeat: I asked you to buy me a bunch of red roses.

For two days or three. He was blown out to sea. We awoke in the night with a terrible fright. . And found out that it was quite true. Who was whisked off by a typhoon. There was an old man from Peru. And finally washed up in Rangoon. Who dreamed he was eating his shoe.Intonation / Sentence Stress There was a young man from Kowloon.

and the dish ran away with the spoon. Diddle! The cat and the fiddle. The cow jumped over the moon.Rhythm Hey Diddle. . The little dog laughed to see such sport. NOTE: The underlined words/syllables are the stressed parts. so they are pronounced louder. longer and at a higher pitch than the rest.