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Work ethics and values of Generation Y workforce
Theme: Opportunities & Challenges in Managing the Millennial Generation ± Individual, Organizational & Social Perspective
Submitted to: Prof. Trupti Gupte

Group Members ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Vaidehi Gajiwala .24 Harsha Kaushal .50 .15 Pranay Kamble .43 Aakanksha Sawant .27 Bhavin Parmar .40 Priyesh Potdar .

actions are most often a reflection of our values .Work Ethics and Values ‡A collection of values and behaviors which people feel are moral ‡Ethics is name given to our values of good behavior ‡Values are beliefs that a person feels very important ‡Our behavior.

‡ Work ethic refers to certain accepted norms of behavior governing the conduct of a group of persons involved in work-situation to achieve certain desired objectives. ‡ Good technical skill is not enough but must be motivated with a positive cooperative attitudes .‡ Work ethic is a set of values based on the moral virtues of hard work and diligence.



Individual Attitude to Work ‡ PAY ‡ PROSPECTS ‡ PROMOTION ‡ PERFORMANCE .

‡ Who is Generation X? ‡ Who is Generation Y? .

Competent Relevant Directions Regular Basis Freedom Continually Learn Not Flexible Enjoy life to the fullest Committed Savings Takes long time Generation Y Flow of Authority & Responsibility Democratic Irrelevant Questions Constant Money Exam Driven Flexible Life is busy Not Committed Lifestyle Easily Approachable .Particulars Flow of Authority & Responsibility Style of Leadership Value of Experience Autonomy Feedback Rewards Training Work hours Work Life Balance Loyalty Meaning of money Decision making Generation X No flow of Authority & Responsibility Autocratic.

Reality .Perception vs.

 Spoiled/Entitled  Lazy  Poor Work Ethic  Little Respect for Authority  Too Self-Centered and Individualistic .

 Overinflated/Unrealistic Expectations  Not Committed to Work  No Loyalty to Employers  Lacking in Social Skills  Needy .

How communicate with Gen Y? ‡ Real ‡ Raw ‡ Relevant ‡ Relational .

Case Study .

‡ Incorporated in year 1998 . ‡ The two were attending Stanford University as Ph.About The Google: ‡ Founders :Larry Page and Sergey Brin often dubbed the "Google Guys³. candidates.D.

Google & Generation Y .

‡ Lively and inspiring work ambience. ‡ Work flexibility for Work Life Balance. ‡ Being more accessible to employees. .Google¶s Approach: ‡ Innovation is key driving aspect.

.‡ Reducing the Digital-divide between different Generations ‡ Helping Gen-Y Employees Develop Career Competitiveness ‡ Interactive ways to gather feed back and increase employee engagement.

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