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 CABIR-A is a virus written specially for Nokia Series 60 mobile phones running on the Symbian operating system.sis.  The virus spreads as a .  This topic will discuss the virus affecting the cellular phones and what all remedies can be taken to overcome this problem.INTRODUCTION  Viruses in the cell-phone arena are new but there are many parallel between computer and mobile phones in terms of mallicious code.named as Caribe.sis package. .  The first cell-phone viruse been sited is CABIR-A.

.VIRUS  It is a computer program that is designed to replicate itself by copying itself into other programs.  Mobile Virus-It is an electronic virus that targets mobile phones.

 In March 2005 it was reported that a computer worm called Commwarrior-A has been infecting Symbian series 60 mobile phones.HISTORY  The first instance of a mobile virus occurred in August 2004.  In July 2004. . computer scientists released a proof-of-concept mobile virus named Cabir .

replaces all phone desktop icons with images of a skull.Infects mobile phones running on Symbian OS.  DUTS -A parasitic file infector virus and is the first known virus for the PocketPC platform. the virus.A trojan horse piece of code.  SKULLS. Once downloaded.COMMON MOBILE VIRUSES  CABIR.First worm to use MMS messages in order to spread to other devices . called Skulls.  COMWARR. .

MOTIVE TO CREATE VIRUS  Challenge  Some antivirus companies want to enter new market  To gain wider attention .

VIRUS ACTION  Damage by deleting or modifying the phone book.  Starting to make phone calls to pay-per.minute numbers .  Send SMS text messages to all the found within cell phone. numbers .

SPREADING VECTORS  Bluetooth  MMS  Web downloads  Memory cards .

WAP SECUIRITY PROBLEM WAP gateway security Operating system Use of SMS .


It has associated libraries.user interface frameworks and reference implimeatations. .SYMBIAN OPERATING SYSTEM It is mainly designed for mobile devices.

named as Caribe.sis. The virus spreads as a . or other Nokia Series 60 mobile phones running in the Symbian operating system.sis package. .CURRENT THREAT CABIR Symb/Cabir-A is a virus written specifically for N-Gage. 3650.

.  Approving connections from unknown devices.CABIR REQUIRES  Approving receiving a file from unknown device.  Approving receiving a application from unknown device.

.REASONS TO CREATE CABIR There are two reasons behind Cabir creators Some antivirus companies want to enter new market. May be Microsoft wants to show how insecure Symbian OS is compared to their MS Smart phone.

worm itself is an SIS format file. called caribe.sis. This file contains three objects:  caribe. the worm displays a message on the screen: either 'Caribe' or 'Caribe . of 15092 or 15104 bytes in size .rsc: 44 bytes in size .WORKING OF CABIR When launched.VZ/29a' .app: 11932 / 11944 bytes in size  flo.mdl: 2544 bytes in size  caribe.

PRECAUTIONS IF is your bluetooth on and you are receiving file be REALLY careful . NEVER install any UNEXPECTED application received by MMS message from ANY senders (including your friends!).   .  Never download cell phone applications from file sharing networks .  Accustom yourself to disable bluetooth if you don't use it .

CONCLUSION  Virus can not install & it can·t run without user·s knowledge & conscious acceptance. .  Virus can be avoided by taking precautions.