Present a case study on the company shown for the group.

The case study should not exceed 10 slides. Evaluate each case on the following: » Mission and Vision statements » Values of the company » Present organisation¶s position » Core competencies » Corporate objectives » Distinctive capabilities » Growth vector » Competitive advantages and synergy » Understanding of customer value » Effective differentiation

Assignment ² Case Study 1



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Assignment ² Case Study 1
Hindalco Jet Airways NTPC ONGC Ranbaxy Laboratories Suzlon Energy Tata Power Videocon Industries Yes Bank Zee Enterprises


The need for a new perspective in understanding Marketing 3 .

´ holding customer satisfaction as the theme of marketing and the 4P as its toolkit. But what is that the firm provides to the customer that brings about the satisfaction? 4 .New perspective in understanding Marketing We have understood Marketing through ³the customer cum 4P framework.

Marketing under attack ‡ Fails to deliver targeted top and bottom lines 5 .

At 11. the growth in its net sales was lower than the 13% rise in volumes on a year-on-year basis.6%. 6 . 2010.Case ² Hindustan Unilever Hindustan Unilever absorbed higher raw material expenses to sustain volume growth in the quarter ended December. Advertising spends were up by 17% but the operating margins slid from 13% to 8% for soaps and detergents business which accounts for 43% of total net sales.

Marketing under attack ‡ Fails to help the firm avoid price wars 7 .

Marketing under attack ‡ Fails to achieve effective differentiation 8 .

‡ Fails to graduate from Tactical to Strategic Marketing It is expected that the marketing team should be strong in strategic marketing which traverses beyond advertising. promotion and pricing and understands and exploits the power of radical value innovation and value delivery. Marketing under attack 9 .

When local player after local player was launching cheap handsets and dual-SIM phones. Nokia¶s market share dropped to 36% from 54%. In the second quarter of 2010.Nokia is the largest seller of mobile phones in India. it is doing the same thing with a sense of urgency. Case . Now two years later. Nokia scoffed at them and their price strategy.Nokia 10 .

‡ Fails to retain customers Marketing under attack 11 .

Why should everyone pay for advertising? Marketing under attack 12 .

The company tried to sell outdated models assuming that India is a backward market.Motorola 13 . Case .Motorola stumbled badly in the Indian cell phone market. Nokia on the other hand. launched state-of-the-art products for the Indian customers.

‡ Fails to protect customers against value-eroding outsourcing Marketing under attack 14 .

‡ Fails to grasp that abundance of choice does not help Marketing under attack 15 .

Where did Marketing go wrong? How is it possible when the marketing has been stressing customer orientation/customer satisfaction? 16 .

What is value? What is meant by value in the marketing context? What are the various facets of value? Wherefrom and how does the value arise? How can the firm approach the value delivery job? 17 .

18 .´ This bundle of benefits is the carrier of value to him.What is value? The utility plus several things he looks for. together constitute benefits. also called ³bundle of benefits.

The concept of customer value The customer reckons only some of those benefits that really matter to him. This is what is called ³customer value. 19 .´ Not all the benefits shown by the firm but the benefits that really contribute to customer value.

indicates the ³Total Customer Value. the greater is the satisfaction. called the ³Total Customer Cost.´ The buyer derives satisfaction when the value exceeds the cost.´ The cost includes the price of the product plus the other elements. 20 . customer cost and customer satisfaction The total weightage/credits.Customer value. The larger the value-cost gap. the customer assigns to a given product offer.

The present plight of GM serves as a powerful illustration of the travails a business firm has to go through. Why should the icon of American industrial supremacy land in this plight? What would have been better had GM resorted to value-focused marketing? Case ² General Motors 21 . once it failed to give the due importance to value delivery.

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