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The nurse responsibility in monitoring a patient·s infusion  Reporting and recording any pertinent data  Regulating the drip rate  Observing for untoward reactions and complications  Administering I.V medications as ordered as long as the patient gives consent  Changing and labeling the I.V tubing  Daily site care  Discontinuing infusion as ordered or as dictated by the situation .

The responsibilities with regard to regulating the drip are: Determining the drop factor Regulating the drip initially Observing for maintained rate Re-regulating an incorrect rate Checking the flow rate on a regular basis .

The formula to calculate flow rate in drops/minute is as follows: Total volume infused drop factor Drops/min= ---------------------------------Total time of infusion in minutes .

Factors affecting rate of flow  Pressure gradient  Friction  Diameter and length of tubing .control clamp derangement  Patient·s emotional state  Cannulation site . gauge of cannula  Height of column of fluid  Characteristics of fluid  Vein trauma  Flow.

thrombophlelbitis) Reduce discomfort and immobility .Care of I.V cannula Objectives are to: Prevent complications (infection.

V cannula should be changed every 72hours when possible. remove and change the site.  Clean the area with disinfectant and let it dry.  While changing dressing.  Change dressing according to policy.  Apply a new dressing .V tubing is properly fixed to avoid accidental removal of the cannula.Procedure  The site of an I. ensuring that the cannula and I.inflammation and secretion.V cannula . observe vein foe swelling .  If symptoms of any complication are noticed due to the I. .

Apply continuous .V line ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Wash hands and wear gloves Clamp off tubing Loosen each strip of tap separately from skin surface Place a sterile cotton ball or gauze square over the insertion site Withdraw the needle or cannula quickly with a steady movement and maintain a straight line of pull .Removing an I. After removing a plastic cannula inspect the tip to ensure it is intact. even pressure until bleeding stops Apply a small pressure bandage over site .

V cannula tip after removal and relocation site.V cannula insertion and for restarts must be recorded .  Record I.  In case of restart .  Record tubing changes on the Fluid Balance Sheet. condition of I. record reason .V dressing changes and site observations in the nursing care plan .Reporting and recording data  All fluids and blood products are to be charted on the Fluid Balance Sheet.  Data for new I.

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