Employer liable for payment of contribution or any changes under this act, can not reduce wage of the employee for the same to whom scheme applies. 13. INSPECTOR  The govt. by notification in official gazette appoint such person as it thinks fit to be inspector for the purpose of this act.  Purpose:  inquiring into the correctness of the information furnished in connection to this act.  Find out whether provision of this act is applicable to the establishment, to which provision has not been applied till now.

. SPECIAL PROVISION RELATING TO EXISTING PROVIDENT FUNDS The employee who is entitled for the benefit of this act. continue to be entitled for the benefits accruing to him under the provident fund. & it shall be maintained in the same manner & subject to same conditions as it would have been if this act had net been passed.fine or both 15. knowingly makes or cause to be made any false statement shall be punishable with imprisonment for the term which may be extended to one year or `5000/. PENALTIES Whoever for the purpose of avoiding any payment to be made by himself or enabling any other person to avoid such payment .14.

employing less than 50 persons and working without the act of power. & whose employees are entitled to the benefits of contributory provident fund or old age pension .16. ACT NOT TO APPLY TO CERTAIN ESTABLISHMENT The act shall not apply to Establishment registered under the co-operative society s act.  Establishment under the control of central or state government whose employees are entitled to the benefit of contributory provident fund or old age pension  Establishment set up under any central or state act.

POWER TO EXEMPT The appropriate government may by notification in the official gazette exempt the establishment of all or any of the provision of any scheme ±  establishment whose rate of contribution for provident fund is not less than specified under section 6.17.  Establishment where employees enjoying provident fund. . pension or gratuity are not less than the benefit provided under this act.

19. inspectors etc. by such officer or authority subordinate to the state government. PROTECTION OF ACTION TAKEN IN GOOD FAITH No suit or other legal proceedings shall lie against the central or state government. is central government.18. by such officer or authority subordinate to the central government. is state government. as may be specified in the notification . DELEGATION OF POWER  Where appropriate govt. as may be specified in the notification  Where appropriate govt.

.  The central board should follow such directions. by notification in the official gazette makes rules to carry out the provision of this act.20 POWER OF CENTRAL GOVERNMENT TO GIVE DIRECTIONS  The central government gives direction to central board when they think need is there for the efficient administration of this act. POWER TO MAKE RULES The central government may. 21.

make such provision for the removal of such difficulties PROVIDED  Order shall be made before expiry of 3 years from the date on which the amendment act receives assent of the president  As soon as it is made. POWER TO REMOVE DIFFICULTIES If the difficulty arises.22. has to be laid before each house of parliament . the central government my by order published in the official gazette.

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