1 Introduction

Team B
Athul U 27009 Mandeep K 27022 Nandakumar G 27028 Sangeetha K S 27044 Sanjay S 27045 Vivek R S 27060

com Introduction Open Sesame« !! .Alibaba.

3 4.2 months 52% of time spent searching for/identifying appropriate suppliers 18% of time spent on RFQ development/ RFQ response 20% of time spent on screening/sorting proposals 10% of time spent on contract negotiations Traditional Sources of Supplier Information Trade Shows. Industry Associations.Traditional business cycle Search/ Discovery Evaluate Negotiate Transact Average sourcing cycle: 3. Trade journals and Magazines. Existing Suppliers . Trade Directories.

1688.2010: 2009: Aliexpress 2008: T-mall 2007: Alimama 2007: Ali-loan 2005: Alliance with Yahoo 2006: Koubei 2004: Alipay 2003: Taobao 2002: Profitable Company 2000: Gold Supplier Membership 1999: .

management and financing through information technology Vision To make it easy to do business anywhere . sales and marketing.Alibabaaaa Mission To solve the challenges of small businesses in procurement.

Alibaba Business Cycle Search/ Discovery Evaluate Negotiate Transact Average sourcing cycle: 1.6 ± 2 months Time needs to be spent only for negotiation and realizing transactions New Sources of Supplier Information: Alibaba (Internet) .







Learn ‡ Secret to going global is going local ± Tradition and language ‡ First mover advantage Unlearn ‡ Made in China ‡ Advertising .

Competition and Challenge Porter¶s Five Forces .

Global yet Local Strong Brand Name Market Leader Diversification Brand ambiguity ± Yahoo! China Refund and Returns Disadvantages of ECommerce SWOT M-Commerce Untapped Market Segment Ebay and Baidu New Entrants .

17 .

Expand to M Commerce Applications: iphone apps.. Android apps. etc ³Search with SMS´ Text Mobile Marketing 18 .

Use of Social Networking Social Networking .in and out Login Avoidance Shopping updates to friends 19 .

Follow the Customers Legal following of search results Find Customers Profile and needs rac them with sho histor ing 20 .

Diversify Offerings Include Properties and Buildings Gifting schemes to Beloved ones ³Collect it direct from seller´ 21 .

!! Introduction Close Sesamee..

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