-PAP SMEAR - COLPOSCOPY AND CERVICAL BIOPSY To: Pn.Yuzinani From: Niroshini Nithiaraj Syahmi

Purpose of screening test
‡To check for cervical changes. ‡Finding and treating abnormal cells to prevent cervical cancer. ‡Helps to detect cancer early where treating is more likely to be effective.

‡The test is not painful. ‡It is a simple test to look at the cervical cells.Pap smear ‡Is sometimes called Pap test or cervical smear. . ‡Is usually done in a clinic during a pelvic exam.

Equipments ‡Vulva swabbing set ‡Bed pan ‡Receiver ‡Savlon ‡Perineal drape ‡KY jelly ‡Mask ‡Vaginal speculum ‡Torch light ‡Cytobrush. Thinprep ‡Incopad ‡Swab sticks for HVS .

the cells are rinsed into a small container of liquid. ‡ New type of Thin-Prep test (liquid-based Pap test). .What they do in Pap smear ‡ The doctor scrapes a small sample of cells from the ectocervix ( cervical os) and the smears the cells on a glass slide and look under the microscope.




. For both types of pap smear test a lab technologist checks the cells under microscope for abnormalities. ‡ A special machine puts the cells onto slides. ‡ Women should begin having Pap tests the years after they begin having sexual intercourse ‡ Pap test at least once every 3 years.Pap smear .

Pre-procedure ‡ Inform and explain the procedure to patient ‡ Ask patient to void before positioning her on the examining table ‡ Drape patient to permit minimal exposure ‡ Adjust light for maximum focus .

Dorsal .Position of pt .

. ‡ The T-zone is more exposed on the cervix of young women in their teens and twenties making them more susceptible to cervical ‡ The zone where the two kinds of cells meet is called the transformation zone (T-zone). ‡ The transformation zone is the most likely area for abnormal cells to develop.



Other than Pap smear ‡ Colposcopy ‡ Cervical biopsy ‡ HPV test .

‡ A speculum similar to that for a Pap test will be used to do this.What is a Colposcopy? ‡ Colposcopy means an exam with a special microscope called colposcope. ‡ This microscope does not touch or go inside patient. ‡ It allows the doctor to look at the cervix under magnification. .

It does mean these cells could turn into cancer in some women if not treated. ‡ This does not mean patient have cancer.Why is it done? ‡ The reason for Colposcopy is because abnormal cells were found on patient s Pap test. .

If a biopsy is done. patient may feel a period type cramp. ‡ The vinegar will make any abnormal area look white.How is it done? The doctor will spray patient s cervix with a weak vinegar solution. . ‡ Patient will feel a mild stinging sensation when the vinegar is sprayed on the patient s cervix The doctor may take a tiny sample (biopsy) of this area.



Cone biopsy .

and anus in women or cancers of the anus and penis in men.HPV test ‡ Human papillomavirus ‡ HPVs establish productive infections only in the stratified epithelium of the skin or mucous membranes.vagina. . ‡ Lead to cancers of the cervix. vulva.

and after the procedure ‡ Nurses should be extra careful if patient is bleeding .Nursing responsibility ‡ Nurses should give health education to patient ‡ Nurses should prepare patient emotionally and also psychologically ‡ Nurses should be able to identify the apparatus and also the instrument for the test ‡ Nurses should know the way of insertion of instrument and the way the test is carried out ‡ Nurses should know the interventions before .during.

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