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About ebay

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ebay slogans
| onnet ng buyers and sellers globally.|

|at ever t s, you an get t on eBay.|

|op v tor ously!|

|rom ollet bles to ars, buy and sell all k nds of tems
on eBay|

|Buy t, sell t, love t|

ebay Ind a
ë Earlier ebay in India was an auction
website HQ in Mumbai (years of operation from
In June 2004 ebay au red all sares of and ebay
was f nally ntegrated n ebruary 2005.
Mr. Av nas was founder of Baazee & beame te  of
bay n Ind a.
In Ind a, tey ave Pa sapay for te payment system.


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Ebay model
eller and buyer

















ell ng on ebay

Anyone an sell on Bay s mply by

reg ster ng and prov d ng erta n
nformat on, personal and f nan al.
ellers an sell te r tems all over te
ellers pay a fee of 2% -3% to Bay wen
te r tem s sold.
ebay Aut on types
 on-syle lsngs: Allow te seller to offer one or more tems for sale for
a spe f ed number of days. Te seller an establ s a reserve pr e.

ñed pre forma Allows te seller to offer one or more tems for sale at a
Buy It Now pr e. Buyers wo agree to pay tat pr e w n te aut on
mmed ately w tout subm tt ng a b d.

ñed pre forma w bes offer: Allows te seller to aept best offers. If
a buyer subm ts a best offer, te seller e ter rejets or aepts te best offer.
Pro b ted or restr ted tems
In ts earl est days, eBay was essent ally unregulated. Now
Reg onal laws and regulat ons may apply to te seller or
te buyer.
Alool Drugs and drug parapernal a
L ve an mals
Lottery t kets, sweepstakes t kets, or any oter gambl ng tems.
orged, llegal, stolen, or onf dent al douments (passports, so al
seur ty ards, dr vers l enes, voter reg strat on ards et
 rearms and ammun t on
erta n opyr gted works or trademarked tem















eBay s te largest aut on s te on nternet w  deals
w t sell ng of new and old produts.
At ve users n U and europe.
Ava lab l ty of  de var ety of produts
 rst mover advantage
Large and mpenetrable market sare
Reogn zable brand name.
eBay always aead form ts ompet tors. Te good
example for t s s te au s t on of paypal.
eBay as not been able to stop te fake or llegal aut ons.

eller an enfore te payment metod of te r o e.

 pp ng arges are one of te well known problems

means f nal pr e of te produt nreased after add ng
s pp ng arges.

eBay unable to ek te ontents of aut on and aut on

tems. Major ty of tems are eked after te ontent or
aut on as been posted. Due to t s problem t fa l tate
large sale of opyr gted and not for sale tems.
pportun t es
‰ Aut on normally takes 10 to 15 days w  frustrates a buyer
w ll ng to purase te produt mmed ately.
‰ Au r ng kype s a sok ng news for te world beause eBay
as not ng to do w t VIP. eBay as ntegrated kype so te
buyers and sellers an nterat eas ly for bus ness transat ons.
eBay loal z ng ts eb  te all over te world.
New and emerg ng markets (xample:  na, Ind a
As a as te largest number of nternet users
ane for m-ommere (Aess to te Internet by
mob le pones.

eBay s mov ng ts serv e to new ountr es so It may fae t gt

ompet t on from loal eb  tes.
Paypal s also a v t m to w k leaks Hakt v sm team last mont.
ompany an sue eBay for sell ng opyr gt ontents.
trong ompet t on from Amazon, Yaoo and Google.
Rules and regulat on of ome ountry (paypal ssue w t RBI.
Internet speed n te ountry.
± Average Internet peed n Ind a s 849KBP(after m d 2010 [Global
average s 1.7 MBP

± 26% of Internet populat on s well below 256 KBP speed


red t ards
Deb t ards
Internet bank ng
ter payment metods (mob le
PayPal s an e-ommere bus ness allow ng payments and money
transfers to be made troug te Internet.
A PayPal aount an be funded w t an eletron  deb t from a bank
aount or by a red t ard.

PayPal performs payment proess ng for onl ne vendors, aut on s tes,

and oter ommer al users, for w  t arges a fee.
n tober 3, 2002, PayPal beame a wolly-owned subs d ary of
Revenue U2.45 b ll on (2010 w t 61% market sare.
Aord ng to ebay  Meg  tman:
± Pase 1:³ rst, PayPal foused on expand ng ts serv e among eBay users
n te U..
± Pase 2: we began expand ng PayPal to eBay¶s nternat onal s tes.
± Pase 3: we started to bu ld PayPal¶s bus ness off eBay´.
 ppement & Trak ng
100% money bak offer f,
‡ D ssat sf ed w t te produt,
‡ Damage ourred n te ourse of s pp ng
‡ Te goods w  ave not reaed w t n 8 days of order.
‡ B g rumbs pays te money bak.
P..D number
ompet tors (U and urope
‡ Google
‡ Yaoo
‡ AL
‡ al et,.
‰ Adyen
‡ Autor
‡ PayPo
‡ RB orldPay.
è    Õ
‡ al-Mart
‡ arrefour
‡ May¶s
‡ Home Depot et,.
Pr or t z ng segments for
rem ttanes egment s ze 

( B ll ons

op st at on of
bank system 

±  nan al   
serv es
± Trustwort nes
s of f nan al
nst tut ons




# Internet adopt on 

± nl ne penetrat on
± H g-speed aess
eedbak Po nts

ÕÕ& & 
or ea transat on, buyers and sellers an rate ea oter
by leav ng eedbak. eedbak ons sts of a rat ng
(pos t ve, negat ve, or neutral, and a sort omment.
Tese rat ngs are used to determ ne eedbak ores.
A pos t ve rat ng nreases te eedbak ore by one
po nt.
A negat ve rat ng dereases te eedbak ore by one
po nt.
a member may affet your sore by only one po nt
(pos t ve or negat ve. However, tey an leave you one
eedbak rat ng and omment for ea transat on tey
ave w t you.
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