Purpose of the study

Changing Indian rural consumer behaviour-soaps and detergents
This study on Indian consumer behavior is aimed to get a better understanding of the Indian market place thus enabling them to embark on selected strategies to effectively reach the Indian RURAL consumers. India is a big country with 28 states, over one billion people and 120 dialects/languages. From the market perspective , people of India comprise different segments of consumers, based on class, status, and income. An important and recent development in India s consumerism is the emergence of the rural market for several basic consumer goods. Threefourths of India s population lives in rural areas, and contribute one-third of the national income.

.India is a lucrative market even though the per capita income in India is low and it remains a huge market. This is done in-order to draw boundary lines of project and make the report specific. Moreover the study includes primary analysis of survey done in rural area on detergent and toilet soaps. even for costly products This project report focuses on changing behaviour of rural consumers. The survey focuses on understanding consumer behaviour towards toilet soaps and detergents. However I have restricted report finding and analysis to detergent and soap category.

Research Objectives of the study Consumer behaviour can be said to be the study of how individuals make decisions on how to spend their available resources (time. money. This simple definition of consumer behaviour tells marketers to resolve every activity around the ultimate consumer and gauge their behaviour by specifically focusing on: Who buys the products or service? How do they buy products or services? How often do they buy them? When do they buy them? Why do they buy them?      . effort) on various consumptionrelated items.

and buyer.decider. influencer.This questions will help in understanding better what factor influence the decision making process of the consumers. . The decision making process identifies the number of people who are involved in this process and ascribes a role to them like the users.

. Similarly consumer behavior as the action and decision process of people who purchase goods and services for personal consumption. Consumer behavior is the mental and emotional processes and the observable behavior of consumers during searching purchasing and post consumption of a product and service.ABOUT THE TOPIC Analyzing consumer behavior is perceived as cornerstone of a successful marketing strategy.

which is frequently called research methodology. Research is guided by the specific research problem. question. This process. Research requires the collection and interpretation of data in attempting to resolve the problem that initiated the research        . or a greater understanding of a phenomenon. Research accepts certain critical assumptions. Research requires a clear articulation of a goal. has eight distinct characteristics: Research originates with a question or problem. Research follows a specific plan of procedure.Research Methodology Research is a process through which we attempt to achieve systematically and with the support of data the answer to a question. or hypothesis. the resolution of a problem. Research usually divides the principal problem into more manageable subproblems.

MODE OF DATA COLLECTION ‡ Primary Data: .The sources of Primary data were questionnaires and personal interviews. ‡ Secondary data: .the sources of secondary data were internet. books and newspaper articles .

METHOD OF DATA COLLECTION Instruments for data collection: The research instruments used for this survey is structure questionnaires. The questionnaires is designed to find the satisfaction levels of soaps and ditergents users. .

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