Systems and Services for IT-enabled Smart Building

International Group Institute for Information Industry
Nov 2007

IT-enabled Smart Building
Services Digital Home
SOHO Energy Saving Child Remote video Desk Living room room

es brings our life to vigorous, safe, emotional, and co Outdoor

TV Oriented Internet / Web Remote Home Communication IP Broadcasting Home serverKitchen Home Security IT Smart Building Healthcare Multimedia Communicat Energy Saving Community IC-card Remote Office Dedicated door key Finger Public Services Vein elevator service E-marketplace Arrival notification etc.
of delivery boxEnergy Saving Remote Meeting

Remote monitorin and control

IT Smart Building Overview
Smart Building
■IC Card Solution
- can use card as condominium key - verifies user at use of several equipments
IC Card

Customer Center
■Customer Center Services
- monitor condominium facilities - management IC-card

Residence area

■Information - show status of residence equipments Services
- show status of common equipments
PC PC Web 端末

Home Server

■Mobile Solution

room Air conditioner

room boiler

room camera

Entrance Card reader, electrical key

- shows status of residence equipments - controls residence equipments Mobile phone - notifies alarm

Common area
IC Card

Automatic Payment
Condomini um Controller

■IC Card Solution  
Camera server

- can use stored-fare card
IC Card Store

Elevator Delivery Common facilities Main entrance Passing gate (cardautomatic door box Electrical key Electrical key reader ゙ ) (card- Card-reader   courtyard Camera Card-reader Card-reader reader ゙ ) (camera )

residence System Integration of area
User authentication
IC Card Card reader verifier Home server

on of systems archives function integration and equipment synchroniza
User authentication
Card reader IC card

Electrical key control Electrical key
Electrical key controller

Electrical key control
Electrical key controller

Home appliance control
Air conditioner ・・・ Home appliance controller

Home appliance control
adopt er

Air condisioner

Information services

Information services
Residence Information panel Video recording function

common System Integration of area

n of systems archives function integration and equipment synchronizat

各装置別 Common area equipments control コントローラ Card Personal Authentication IC Card reader

is Synchronized with … ■condominium door - main entrance authentication - passing gate authentication ■elevator control - call elevator - stops only restricted floor
Interphone インターホン 制御装置 controller

Main entrance


Passing gate, Parking lot

Common interphone

building Interphone Synchronized with … controller ■other equipments - confirmation of visitor - validate restricted floor and gates for visitor

IC Card Solution

One IC Card keeps security in various scenes.

Authentication at main entrance Authentication at passing gate Authentication at elevator

Authentication at residence entranc Authentication at delivery box

Authentication at common facilities

Automatic payment of common facilities Shopping outside condominium

IC Card Solution
Existing card system IT Smart Building system

dividual verification provides various services

imple replacement of key Issue cards for each resident ● verify : each room   ● verify : each person ● individual is not distinguished provides suitable services for e  ● person
Room ○○○ Room○○○

Issued card



A father

BB mother

C C child

D D child

IC Card Solution
Advantage of IC Card ● IC card keeps high security because of difficulty of falsification and copy. ● Operations (invalid, reissue, additional issue) are easy and secure. ● E-money function make payment for use of common facility and operation of cash management more efficient. ● Synchronization with common facilities reservation system In the condominium allow resident to use common facilities on superintendent Residence area Authentication at residence entrance absence.
Authentication at the elevator Automatic payment for use of common facilities (cashless) Authentication at common facilities Authentication at Delivery box Authentication at Passing gate

Common area outside the condominium Shoppig on store (cashless) Authentication at main entrance

IC Card Solution
・ unlock an automatic door at main entrance

Authentication at main entrance

( IC card )

・ unlock an electric key at passing gate

Authentication at passing gate

( IC card )

Authentication at elevator

・ only each resident’s floor available People except the resident ( IC card ) are prevented from moving by the elevator. ・ unlock an electric key at residence entrance
( IC card )

Authentication at residence entrance

IC Card Solution
・ unlock a delivery box and take parcels out

Authentication at delivery box

( IC card )

・ allow common facilities use

Authentication at common facilities

( IC card )

Only resident who had made reservation can use facilities.

Mobile Solution

ile-Phone is indispensable for the smart building life in the future.

Main entrance unlock operation Residence door locking operation Home security operation E-mail home alarm notification E-mail visitor notification E-mail home arrival notification E-mail Parcel delivery notification Residence equipments operation

Residence room monitoring by camera

Mobile Solution
・ unlock the main entrance door

Main entrance unlock operation
・ check the locking status of residence door ・ lock the residence door

Residence door locking operation

Home security operation

・ check and set the status of home security

E-mail home alert notification

・ notify the sensor state by e-mail when the sensor detect abnormal state

Mobile Solution
E-mail visitor notification
・ notify that visitor came ・ confirm visitor

E-mail home arrival notification

・ notify arrivals when child come home Synchronized with residence door authorization ・ notify the delivery box state when parcel arrived

E-mail parcel delivery notification

Residence room monitoring by camera

・ get family and a pet appearance

Mobile Solution

Residence equipments operation ●power state of air conditioner ●boiler control ●power state of floor heating

・ The air conditioner can be operated before resident returns to the house.

■residence equipments■ 1 air conditioner 2 boiler 3 floor heating back

Home server

Air conditioner boiler Floor heating

Home network

Mobile Solution
< use intention of network home appliance function >

eeds for mobile services

Remote door control Confirmation of cock of gas
Remote video reservation Remote light control Video reservation by program schedule on network Remote air conditioner control Remote rice cooker control Confirmation of inside of refrigerator Get recipe for cooking with microwave oven through network

57.8 50.3 44.5 39.8 27.6 27.4 27.3 22.7 18.8




30 ( %)




Information Service

esidents can confirm building contents in resident’s room

Visitor log Parcel delivery confirmation Common area video streaming Common facilities reservation

Information Service
Building contents
Visitor Log
・ Resident can confirm visitor log, after resident return to home

・ Resident can confirm if parcel was arrived or not.

Parcel delivery confirmation

Common area video streaming

・ Resident can watch appearance of child who is playing in courtyard and parking lot of visitor in resident’s room. ・ Residents can register a confirmation of the reservation status of common facilities and a temporary reservation.

Common facilities reservation

Customer Center Service
■The operator keep watching and manage IT smart building system, and always accept resident’s inquiry

IT smart building equipments monitor Issue / register / invalid IC card IT System helpdesk

Customer Center Service (24 hours and 365 days support)
  IT building equipments monitoring Issue / register / invalid IC card
・ The operator keeps remotely watching common area equipments of the smart building . ・ The operator corresponds promptly when the problem occurs. ・ When resident lose IC card, the operator remotely invalidates the IC card immediately. ・ The operator reissue IC card.
I’ve lost my card.

IT System helpdesk

・ When the superintendent is in absence, the operator remotely corresponds to the demand concerning the IT system.



• IC-card and mobile solution which is provided by IT smart building system make resident life more secure and more comfortable. In the future • IT smart building system will be applied to single family house, and unites with Digital Home services.

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