Ignited Minds

Author: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

The Dream & The Message Dream Dream Dream Dream Transform Into Thoughts And Thoughts Transform Into Action These are the opening lines of the first session in the book. It urges the youth to sow the seed of thought and convert it into action .

Give Us A Role Model This section asks India to produce role models so that our coming generations can look upon them & help build India prosperous nation .

D Tata.Visionary Teachers & Scientist Abdul Kalam believes that vision ignites the minds. Vikram Sarabhai. . who can involve an entire generation in mission driven programmes which benefit the country as a whole.R. India needs visionaries like J. Satish Dhawan and many more.

We should learn more from our saints & seers along with our technological advancements. They have provided us spiritual wisdom for so many years.Learn From Saints & Seers India has a large number of saints & seers. Spiritual wisdom is our strength. .

Political leaders should put nation first and then their interest & political party. µn¶ number of political parties flourishing in India. . Every religious organization should put Patriotism first & then religion.Patriotism Beyond Politics & Religion India is a country with numerous religions and communities.

The Knowledge Society Ancient India was a knowledge society« contributed to a great deal of civilization. A knowledge society for better civilisation. We need to recover our status & become a knowledge power. .

. For increasing GDP we need to put forward all our resources together. Getting the right forces at the right time will make the goal more achievable.Getting The Forces Together To make India a developed country we need to increase our GDP.

Thought Dr. Abdul Kalam embeds the thought that ³ Nation is bigger than individual´ .

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