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Blood Brothers


Superstition/Bad Luck
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Superstition always present It is linked to fate ± bad luck The role of the narrator (reminding us) You can never escape the past Working class are superstitious (Mrs J) Mrs Lyons becomes superstitious believing her own curse

Superstition - Evidence
Crops up all the way through: ‡ Mrs Johnson: µNew shoes on the table, take them off«¶ ‡ The Narrator: µA spider¶s been killed/ Someone broke the looking glass/ An the salt¶s been spilled.¶ ‡ Mrs Johnstone: µGo home before the bogeyman gets you!¶ ‡ The children: If you cross your fingers and count from one to ten!

Superstition Evidence 2
It is linked to fate: ‡ The superstition is linked to the tragic course of events in the play
± The children playing guns and crossing their fingers links to the real killings later in the play ± Mrs Lyons puts the shoes upon the table shortly before she finds out Mrs Johnstone is pregnant with twins

Superstition Evidence 3
‡ The narrator always comes in with his µwarnings¶ at a time when an important event on the path of fate takes place ‡ Give 3 Examples

Superstition Evidence 4
You can never escape the past: ‡ There are numerous references about having to pay for what you have done in the past.
± Find 3 Examples

Superstition Evidence 5
Working class are superstitious ‡ It mostly comes from Mrs Johnstone and the kids
± Find 2 examples

Superstition Evidence 6
At first Mrs Lyons is not superstitious
± Find example

Then she gives the curse

± Find example

Then she starts to believe it ± Find example