Why ! Grun(green) Hair Styling Gel
• The people demand will be changed with increasing their age. So after analysing peoples demand, specially young generation we have decided to produce a Hair Gel. We have seen that our young generation has become very crazy about their hair style. They want to show their smartness with a modern hair style. After analysing market we find that, there is no hair gel in the market that can properly satisfied our young generation. • For that reason we produce our new product which is GRUN HAIR GEL. Anybody can buy cloths off the shelf or copy a fashion accessory. But its styling that gets a man noticed. New GRUN Hair Styling Gel. Lets you create your own, unique style. And lets you change it as often as you like. So, set your hair with Redefine cool!! To produce this hair gel we have USED some special ingredients Alovera extracts and other natural extracts.

The description: Directions for use:
: Description The excellent quality Hair Styling Gel manufactured by us is suitable for both men and women. Made from organic components and free from any kind of harmful chemicals the Organic Hair Styling Gel we offer is an essential ingredient for the good health of your hair. Our Cosmetics Hair Styling Gel will make your scalp healthy and provide your hair that glowing, smooth look. Directions for use : Apply gel generally to towel- dried hair Style hair as desired Leave to dry naturally Ideal for all hair types.

Service Inventory
• Sales Planning & Sales Strategy • Sales Strategy Implementation or Outsourced Sales • Sales Optimization: Moving from Individual to Team Selling • Sales Performance & Productivity Improvement • Sales Audit , Sales Feedback • Sales Training • Up-selling & Cross-selling Programme • SPIN Selling Programme

Likely Benefits of the Project Indicators Sales Volume Turnover Productivity Margin Brand Visibility Time to Market Improvement Range 5-25% 5-30% 20-50% 5-20% 5-25% 25-35% .

Sales & Distribution Strategy Execution Process Stage Challenges the assumption that Strategy comes first. Exec Activity Identification & definition of areas of improvement Development of solution and testing Implementation of solution across all markets Institutionalization of the process Output Strategic Direction Executable Strategy Fine-tuned Strategy Sustainable Strategy .

Sales & Distribution Methodology Who are the Customers ? What is the Strategy ? .

Strategy Development Key Questions • Customer Segments Analysis – Key Segments & definition – Sales & Profits from various segments – Seasonality and Grouping from segments – Behavior of various segments .

•Demographic segment: •As we introduce our product for young generation.Segment Analysis MARKET SEGMENT The long term success of a new product depends on properly segmenting the market for the product. . Our product is for only man. By utilizing marketing resource marketers can acquire the necessary information on customer characteristic and needs to segment the markets. So our target is 15 to 25 years old people. As our product is a highly product. So our target is that people who’s income is high. So analyzing this things we also segment our market demographically and geographically.

Segment Analysis Geographic segment: •We can see that in some sophisticated areas like Mumbai.stylist and conscious about their smartness. Delhi. Bangalore. •Youngsters . For that reason we will introduce our product in this areas. •Also they have the ability and credit to buy this kind of product. . Pune our young generation are more as many migrate to obtain high quality west influnced education and lively hood.

Always a attractive packet attract the young generation. Then I decided Grun in the perfect name of our hair gel. We fixed our expire date. That means it is legally protected. We also mention expire date of our product on the packet. . So that our customer can understand how long they will use our product after buying it.So I decided to select a name that will match with their mentality. it is very essential to analyse • marketing mix means price. promotion. product.Marketing Mix • To reach a target market . Product • As our young generation is getting aware of the safe and natural ways of looking good . We also registered our product name. It influence them to buy the product. so we also make effort to packet our product nicely. distribution. two years from the date of manufacture.

So we will make a average price for product but not low price. so we will advertise our product by television and newspaper. we will arrange hair fashion show in a five star hotel sponsored by GRUN HAIR GEL. .Price •As we produce product for the young generation of sophisticated zone. To make Grun in the mind of young generation. because we analyze that these young generation never mind to expend money for their good looking. Promotion •This is the product for the young generation of Mumbai. We also make some electric bill board in the main points of those areas where we are going to sale our products. Delhi. Bangalore. Pune etc who like to watch television.

And for that we will select some intermediaries to distribute our product to those place by using some sell outlets. beauty shop etc. for storing our product. dry place and away from sun light.Distribution •Long turn success of product depend on proper distribution. But our office will be in Gulshan and the store . will also available beside our office. where our product will be produce . Analysing social well being our factory has been built from the away of city. . Our store should be cool. we will use our personal pickup or covered van. Because this is the perfect situation to keep our product well. Generally we will introduce our product in the super shop. Grocery shop. To reach our product to target area from the store. Being a good product it is not possible to reach target market without properly distributing it.

Sales Methodology How do we move from individual selling’ to team selling ? .

Sales Process Optimization Usually Salesman Act as Autonomous Agents Maximize Conversion Salesman as Autonomous Agents Maximize Sales • Current Reality – Sales Strategy : Maximizing Conversion rate • Autonomous agents typically use various levers and have the flexibility to convert opportunities • Autonomous agents qualify opportunities and attack only those with high conversion possibilities • Not much management control can be exercised on autonomous agents .

Sales Process Optimization We need to transform Agents to Team Members Maximize Conversion Salesman as Autonomous Agents Maximize Sales Maximize Management Control Salesman as Team Members .

Sales Support • Specialists for various tasks • Focusing salesman on 2 appointments a day. 5 days a week . Appointments.Sales Process Optimization Transformation Strategy Transformation Strategy : Maximizing opportunity flow while maintaining conversion within optimal range Key Strategy : Standardization of sales process & application of division of labour to freeing up a salesman time • Identification of task groups – Opportunity Generation.

organizing events of our own Business Development – Salesmen & Sales Manager • No. rest out-sourced • Focus on generating appointments per day – Promotion Coordinator • Direct marketing design & implementation • Good presentation & sales materials • Regular communication with prospects & customers • Participation & visibility in relevant industry events • Gifting • At a later stage. of appointments per day • • Sales Support – Sales Coordinator • Forward booking of appointments • In-time Invoicing & Outstanding follow-up • Dummy samples • Printing & dispatch of vouchers . gift certificates • Liaison with service • Coordination with technical specialist for solution design and estimation – Technical Specialist • Solution design • Estimation • Negotiation support • Product Training • New Product Development .Sales Process Optimization Standardized Functions • Opportunity Generation – Cold Caller • Couple in-house.

Sales Methodology What is the strategy for various accounts? .

Account Strategy Framework Buying Situation Account Targeting Strategy Buying Center Organizational Buyer Behavior Account Salesperson Relationship Strategy Sales Strategy Buying Process Sales Channel Strategy Buying Needs Selling Strategy .

large customers)? Selling Strategy • • • What approach to establish the relationships that you decided on above? What type of sales presentation would you use to build a transactional relationship? What type of sales presentation would you use to build a collaborative relationship? . Account Potential. slow growth)? How about “A” level accounts (important.Account Strategy : Key Questions Account Targeting Strategy • • Classify accounts so you can develop strategic approaches for selling Basis for classification: Account size. Desirability of the account Relationship Strategy • What type of relationship do you want to establish with each of the above categories – Transaction relationship? Solutions relationship? Partnering relationship? Collaborative relationship? – The closer the relationship. the higher the costs! • For example …What type of relationship do you want to have with “C” level accounts (small size.

Selling Methodology How do we focus on needs of customers? .

Need This effectively creates a need or opportunity to rectify the problem (with the sales person's product/service).an easy way to remember the basic model and process for 'needs-creation selling' S .Problem Discuss. I .Spin Selling –Needs Creation Selling SPIN .. discuss or understand the implication of the problem for the prospect's business (i..Implication Explain. what organizational improvement can potentially be achieved) N .e. understand or explain the situation with the prospect Next identify the problem that exists or could arise.Situation P . .

Sales Methodology How to sell completely using up-sell & cross-sell .

” . • Customers desire cross selling & up-selling – 88 percent of customers value service reps who suggest alternative products or services that better meet their needs – 73 percent are interested in learning about new products or services the company is promoting – 61 percent tend to ask service reps about these products and alternatives – Customers not only engage in sales discussions with service reps. but they also buy – 42 percent of customers said they purchased additional products or services “sometimes” or “frequently.Complete Selling • Worldwide Survey of Consumers by The Forum Corp.

uncovering a need by asking the question leads to complete selling • From the customer's standpoint.Up-selling & Cross-Selling : Complete Selling • Up selling is "complete" selling • If you are selling a matching tie with the three piece suit. completing a satisfactory purchase – Saving is an additional trip to buy the tie .

then you're making more money for the company than with any other activity you do. however. 10 to the monthly payments for anti-theft locking system.  – For you. 30 per hour then doing the math.  • If it only costs the company 50 paise to make Rs. – Very little resistance to adding Rs.  • If your salary is Rs. .Why Complete Selling • Why complete selling is so profitable – Customer buys a bike with EMI of Rs. with a huge profit margin. that additional sale is significant. – It only takes 30 seconds to make that extra 480 sale. that's a huge return on investment.000 sale is completely irrelevant. the 60 seconds you take to up-sell costs the company about 50 paise. 480 sale. 480.  – The fact that it's attached to a 25. complete selling is one of the highest and best uses of your time.  – So. • Adds up to a Rs. 395 for 48 months.

Customers will ask why they should choose these • Why should I buy Polaroid glasses instead of plain Recognizing sales opportunities is a matter of observing ‘body language’ and ‘reading’ customers – Signals to look for : uncertain body language. (Example: A Pepsi to go with a Samosa.Complete Selling :Points to Note • Be prepared with positive aspects when selling expensive alternatives. hesitation in ordering. multiple-item sale with a whimper rather than a bang is…‘Would you like anything else?' This is not proactive and does not put you in control. – Some phrases : • Would you like [product X] with your [product Y].) • • . scanning the counter . or studying menus for a long time – Excellent service would be to go and sell to these customers Remain in Control – One of the key phrases that will end a large. says salespeople should take the lead." – Instead. looking around.

for example.small medium or large glass. look them in the eye and say large one? – Do this while nodding your head. By showing the client how to get the salon look at home. might put hair gel in the customer's hand and show them how to apply it themselves. it works! Hands on demonstration. Give it a try. One of the most effective up-selling techniques is getting the customer to use the product in your location – A hairdresser. instead of giving them a choice . Group related products – Good idea to group similar add-ons and offer them as an up-sell at a package price – Haircut + massage + cleanup at a package price • • . they create a value-added up-sell. most times the customer will simply nod back in agreement.Complete Selling :Points to Note • Nodding Dog Technique – The next time a customer asks for a glass of Pepsi.

Make Complete Selling a Habit You’ll need to put a plan in place to ensure that every sales opportunity has a route for complete selling .

Sales Methodology What kind of Management Systems to Control the Sales Process .

Report: Has it been done? W hat needs to be done? Variance Plan: How do we do it? Control: W does it? ho . Review.Sales Management Control Basic System Flow What are we doing about it ? Forecast: Follow Up.

.Sales Management Control : Performance Management with Balanced Scorecard What are the financial objectives for growth and productivity? What are the major sources of growth? Who are the target customers that will generate the revenue growth? What are the objectives and how do we measure success with them? Brand / product development. operations. logistics.. capabilities. sales. working climate. Activities needed to create the required customer value proposition and differentiation and the desired financial outcomes Organization infrastructure. The ability to execute internal business processes in new differentiated ways . skills. knowledge of employees. service.

Vision.Forecast Typical Sales Management Control System-Example Plan Control Mission. Corporate Values. Group Policy Report BC members Resource Planning Financial Budget Corporate policy Five Year Business Plan Review of annual Sales plan Annual sales Report Sales/ Mkt Head Annual Business Plan Annual Operating Plan Review Action Log Quarterly sales Plan Quarterly Sales Report Review Action Log Monthly sales Plan Business head Forecast Last year performance Marketing Info Sys Monthly Score Card Seg.Head Review Action Log Weekly sales Plan Cumulative Weekly Score Card Sales Force Census Contact Strategy Weekly Contact Plan Check List Daily Activity Control Sheet Daily Score Card .

Weekly Scorecard .Balanced Scorecard Example Chief of Sales & Marketing.

Selling Methodology How do we improve salesman productivity .

Productivity Improvement Day in the Life Of Salesman Study How the salesman actually spent the day • A full day in the life of a salesman studied & time spent on 7% 1% 23% 7% 23% 39% Active Selling Delivery / Order Taking Administration Travelling How the salesman thought he spent the day Passive Selling Available 55% 10% 10% 15% 10% • • • • • • • Active selling Passive Selling Administration Delivery Order Taking Traveling Available/Free Comparison of Active Selling the salesman would like Taking Delivery / Order to spend the day Administration How Travelling Passive Selling Available 50% 10% 15% 15% 10% • Reality • Perception • Ideal • Diagnosis of sales man’s productivity & alignment to business needs Active Selling Administration Passive Selling Delivery / Order Taking Travelling Available .

Building relationship. Meeting & Post-meeting issues analyzed on – Preparation. closing & administration • Diagnosis of sales man’s selling effectiveness & alignment to business needs . Identifying needs & objections.Improvement Salesman Checklist Compliance 15% 67% 69% 68% 100% PREPARATION BUILDING THE RELATIONSHIP IDENTIFYING THE NEEDS AND OBJECTIONS CLOSING THE DEAL ADMINISTRATION Complied Not Complied • Pre-meeting.

Productivity Improvement Sales Meeting Effectiveness Sales M eeting Effectiveness A sk ing questions Listening Qualifying (the opportunity for both parties) Disc overing hot buttons (wiifm -what’s in it for m e) B uilding rapport E stablishing trust Developing credibility Developing a valuable relationship A ddressing objections P lanning next action steps Confirm ing understanding A sk ing for referrals S eeking additional opportunities to s erve & sell E valuating res ponses & results (pos itive/ negative) A ffirming decisions (m inimizing buyer’s rem orse) • Analyzes the effectiveness of salesman during the course of the meeting • Analyzes soft sales skills • Diagnosis of sales man’s soft skills & re-training priorities assessed .

full point. p= partially. zero points . Casino ) Providing information about Unique Selling Points Convincing arguments about Cidade when you mention possible competitors? Tried Upselling or Selling Other Services Is your reservations staff asking for the sale? Closing Effectiveness Engaging in Real Conversation Overall Effectiveness Ahmeda bad n n y p p p n n p 33% Legend : y = yes. Restaurants.Productivity Improvement Audit through Mystery Calling Delhi n n y p p y n n p 39% Mumbai Chennai Pune n n p p p p n n n 22% n n n p n n n n n 6% n n p p p n n n n 17% Unit n n p p p p n n n 22% Good introduction and makes you feel welcome Investigation of Caller Needs (Purpose of Visit. Duration. half point. n=no. Fimilarity with Area etc.) Differences between Rooms Explained Other Information About Hotel Available (Pool.

Selling Methodology How do we plan incentives ? .

Incentive Planning-Approach  • • • • • • • Pure Commission Quota Territory Share Goal Share/Share Change Relative Measure Relative Rank Flat Rate  High Motivation High ROI   Low Motivation Low ROI .

– If the plan is under-forecast the corporation can largely over pay. And vice versa. – If the plan is over-forecast the sales force will quickly become unmotivated. . • A variance of more than 15% in the forecast can cause drastic over or underpayments.Incentive Planning Key Considerations Since the pure commission plan has the highest potential ROI and the highest Motivation effect why would we not use this in all cases? • This plan at the top of the continuum only work when the forecast is perfect. – Most commission plans do not have a linear payout and consequently 15% low in share or units can result in 30% low in payout.


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