Group 6

Nick Park Abbie Whenary, Jesca Warren, Natalie Urwin, Sam Tremain, Callum Whitley.

‡Nick Park ‡Influences ‡Career ‡Clay animation

‡Creator of Wallace and Gromit ‡Know for his style ‡Use of British humour

Fig 1- Nick park with wallace and gromit models.

Ray Harryhausen

Fig 2 - Ray Harryhausen with model.

³I always considered Ray Harryhausen¶s work so fine that it was way out of my league: in terms of realism and naturalism, in terms of animal movement.´
Nick Park ± Interviewed by Horatia Harrod For the Telegraph April 19th 2010.

John Martin

Gustav Dore

Fig 14 : John Martin The Great Day of His Wrath 18511853 Fig 15 : Gustave Dore' - La Divina Commedia (18312 1833)

Ray Harryhausen
‡Jason and the Argonauts ± (1963) ‡The 7th voyage of Sinbad ± (1958) ‡20 000 leagues under the sea - -(1954) ‡The beast from 20 000 fathoms ± (1952) ‡Mighty Joe young - (1949) ‡Clash of the titans ± (1981)

7th voyage of Sinbad.

Raymond Briggs

Fig 3 ± Father Christmas book cover.

Fig 4 ³He did a book called Farther Christmas and Fungus the Bogeyman, which were popular in the UK. I love that graphic and chunky style that he had where everything rendered. He also did the snowman, which was later turned into animation. I always loved those 1950¶s shapes , all the post- World War II´
Nick Park 2010.

Sledgehammer Peter Gabriel music video

Fig 6 ± music video still, Peter Gabriel.

Nick Parks early work includes the dance sequence in the Sledgehammer music video.
Fig 5 ± dancing chickens


Wallace and Gromit
‡First creation ‡One of the most well known Clay animations.

‡Fig 7 : Wallace and Gromit.

Creature comforts
‡Aired in 20037 ‡Adverts ‡Specials

Fig 8 ± still from creature comforts.

Feature length movies

Fig 9 ± Movie post for wallace and gromit cures of the were-rabbit.

Fig 10 ± Movie poster for chicken run.

Celebrity Death match
‡Aired in 1998 ‡Over exaggerates violence ‡Claymation Wrestling
Fig 11 ± Celebrity death match, Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson.

Robot Chicken
‡Aired 2005 ‡Written by Seth Green and Matthew Senrich ‡Combines action figures and claymation
Fig 12 ± Still from Star robot chicken wars.

‡Nick Park learnt from his influences ‡Started new trend ‡Then influenced younger generations ‡More elaborate ‡Creative ‡ Character ‡Humour ‡Create whatever you want

Fig 1 : Nick Park with wallace and gromit models (2006) Fig 2: Ray Harryhausen with snake lady model (date unknown) on BlogSpot. Fig 3: Father Christmas book cover (1973) Fig 4: Father Christmas book illustrations (1973) Fig5: Dancing chickens , music video still. (unknown date) on BlogSpot Fig 6 : Still of Peter Gabriel from the music video for sledgehammer (unknown date) Fig 7 : Wallace and Gromit (unknown date) Fig 8 : Creature comforts (unkown date) Fig 9: Wallace and gromit curse of the were-rabbit movie poster (2005) Fig 10: chicken run movie poster (2000) Fig 11: Celebrity Death match (2006) Fig 12 : Robot Chicken star wars (2009) Fig 14: John Martin The Great Day of His Wrath (1851-1853) Fig 15: Gustave Dore' - La Divina Commedia (18312 -1833)

‡Harryhausen Ray& Dalton Tony,2005 ,The art of Ray Harryhausen,Great Britain, Aurum Press Ltc. ‡ ‡Nick Park: Making his Mark in Clay, 2005, Animation Magazine, [online] Avalible at: ‡ ‡ ‡