Storehouse of information Wide choice of all kinds of regional, national, international, daily, monthly and weekly newspapers. The Roman Acta Diurna , appearing around 59 B.C., is the earliest newspaper The printing press invented by Johann Gutenberg in 1447, ushered in the era of the modern newspaper. By the middle of the 19th century, newspapers were becoming the primary means of disseminating and receiving information. this period was known as The Golden Age of Print media

India s first newspaper, Calcutta General Advertise , also known as Hicky s Bengal Gazette was established in January 1780 In 1976, the registrar of newspapers for India had recorded 875 papers; in 1995, there were 4,453. This growth was seen more because the entrepreneurs detected a growing hunger for information among ever widening sections of India s people rather than increasing literacy or technology. The language newspapers came into existence after 1977, when Indira Gandhi s government went out of rule.

etc. Goenkas. The major English & Gujarati newspapers are: The Times Of India Hindustan Times The Hindu Divya Bhaskar Gujarat Samachar Sandesh . monopolized and leaded to corruption free journalism.The big houses such as Dalmias. Jains.


It has a scope of readership growth. Divya Bhaskar was launched in Gujarat on June 23. And. Bhaskar clearly mentioned that: Gujarat market has a huge market potential for newspapers. .Why divya bhaskar in gujarat ? In their written communication. Markets have monopolized and thus have a vista of opportunity. at last. 2003.

Marketing Research Process Define the problem and Research Objectives Develop the Research Plan Collect the information Analyze the information Present the findings Make the decision .

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday City Bhaskar Woman Bhaskar Kalash Dharmadarshan navrang Bal Bhaskar Rasrang .Divya Bhaskar publishes various different supplements in a week.

MARKETING MARKETING MIX MIX Product Product variety Quality Brand Name Price List price Discounts Payment period Place Channels Coverage Locations Promotion Sales Promotion Advertising Public Relations Direct Marketing .


Ram Founded:.Kasturi & Sons Ltd.The Hindu Group Editor-in-chief:.Type:.N.Broadsheet Owner:.Chennai Tamilnadu India circulation:.1466304 daily .Daily newspaper Format:. Publisher:. 1878 Language:.English Headquarters:.September 20.

a daily business newspaper 2)Frontline . a controlled circulation free newspaper on weekdays.KASTURI & SONS ALSO PUBLISHES 1)The Hindu. Business Line (. . The Hindu Business Line). 3)Sportstar.India's most respected current affairs magazine (fortnightly). India's only weekly sports magazine. 4)Ergo.

Core market of The Hindu is South India specially Tamilnadu.46 million daily. The Hindu is the 2nd largest in Circulation with 1. The Hindu became in 1995 1st Indian Newspaper to offer an online edition. According to 2010 Indian Readership Survey (IRS) The Hindu is the 3rd most widely read English newspaper in India with readership of 21. .59 lakh.ABOUT THE HINDU The Hindu was published weekly when it was launched in 1878 and started publishing daily in 1889.

Aiyer quit the paper and Veeraraghavachariar became the sole owner and appointed C. Initially printing 80 copies a week at the srindhi press in mint street. .HISTORY 1st issue was 20th September 1878. published on every wednesday evening as 8 page paper sold for 25 paise. Karunakara Menon as editor. introduced by 6 young men Britishers controlled English newspaper had been campaigning against the appointment of the 1st indian T.D. black town. The partnership between Veeraraghavachariar and Subramania Aiyer was dissolved in October 1898. Aiyer was an Editor n Veeraraghavachariar was a M.Muthuswami Iyer to the bench of the madras high court in 1878. Initially the Hindu newspaper cost was 12 aanas. 3 Law student left but 1 of them (pantulu)continued to write for The Hindu.

which include the following 1940: First to introduce colour 1963: First to own fleet of aircraft for distribution 1969: First to adopt facsimile system of page transmission 1980: First to use computer aided photo composing 1986: First to use satellite for facsimile transmission 1994: First to adopt wholly computerized integration of text and graphics in page make-up and remote imaging 1995: First newspaper to go on Internet 1999: Becomes India national news paper .ACHIEVEMENTS The Hindu has many firsts in India to its credit.

Literary Review . Retail Plus. every first Sunday Daily features: This day that age. Engineering. Sudoku . NXg Friday: Friday Features. Education Plus Tuesday: Metro Plus. Young World. Book Review Wednesdays: Metro Plus. Property Plus Sunday: Weekly Magazine. Science. Job Opportunities Thursdays: Metro Plus. Religion. Downtown. Open Page. Cinema Plus Saturday: Metro Plus Weekend. The Hindu Crossword. Business Review. Classifieds. Technology & Agriculture.Supplements and features Mondays: Metro Plus.


Chennai.5cmH Circulation:3551742 Format: Broadsheet Rank: India's largest selling English dailies EDITIONS Mumbai. . Hyderabad. Mangalore Surat. Bangalore. Lucknow. Ahmedabad. Pune. Kolkata.9cmW x 52. Nagpur and Goa. Ltd Founded :1838 Category: General Newspaper Language: English Size : 32. Kanpur.INTRODUCTION Owner: Bennett. Coleman & Co. Delhi. Mysore.

The Times of Doon. Haridwar Plus . Indore Times. Lucknow Times. Kanpur Times. Bangalore Times. Ahmedabad Times and Chennai Times. Nagpur Times. Bombay Times. Calcutta Times. such as Delhi Times. Pune Times. The Times of South Mumbai. Bhopal Plus . Meerut Plus.CONTENT Youthfull Content: The Times of India comes with several city-specific supplements. Hyderabad Times. .

International News.Tabloids: Mumbai Mirror Kolkata Mirror Bangalore Mirror Ahmedabad Mirror Pune Mirror Editorial Content Daily News. Business pages. Weekend Leisure Reading . Local and International Sports.

ZIG WHEELS ZigWheels. and the impact and implications on business and society. counselor and adviser. . as a career guidance. Times Ascent (Wednesdays) Editorial of Times Ascent centers on human resource development.com is an automotive website reviewing.CONTENT(CONTD ) Times Wellness (Saturdays) Times Wellness focuses on solutions to health issues and guidance to better living Education Times (Mondays) Education Times caters to the ever-expanding student community and learning experience. discussing. Times Life (Sundays) Times Life is the supplement which is feature driven What's Hot (Fridays) Focus on latest happenings/events. Special pages created for channels and details of programmes Rouge (Saturdays) Concentrates on women's interest areas. features and interviews on Indian vehicles.

62% are in the age group of 20-44 years and 61% are atleast graduates. CSR Cleanliness Drives Municipal Infrastructure Environmental Awareness . young and affluent community in the Indian subcontinent. Students form 28% of the total number of readers. Infact 74% of its readers belong to the A1/A2 category.Primary Audience It is read by a dynamic.


Coleman & Co.S.INTRODUCTION Owner: Bennett. Ltd Founded :1961 Founder: P.000 Daily Sister newspapers :The Times of India Format: Broadsheet/salmon-pink paper Rank: India's largest and among the world's top 3 English Business dailies . Hariharan Language: English Circulation:620.

What is ET? India a Economical superpower Current corporate financial affairs Information about stockmarket Merger & acquisition Why ET? Gets financial awerness about company Investment decision Brand valuation Financial results .


ET in the Classroom Quiz. is an advertising and marketing quiz which attracts corporate entities all over the Indian subcontinent. is a business quiz of UG and PG students all over India. .Events The Brand equity Quiz.

External links ET website ET Mobile site ET Hindi website ET Gujarati website .

1. 1. Zodiac. 1. Puzzle. 1.ANALYSIS Name Most Important Important Simple 1.Panchang Crossword. Quiz 19% 1% 41% 37% 40% 46% 1.Share Bazaar 55% 48% 44% 32% 25% 26% 35% 20% 34% 43% 43% 44% 44% 47% 42% 39% 11% 9% 13% 24% 31% 27% 23% 41% 1. 1. 1. 1. Local News State News National News International News Political News Problematic News Sports News Business News. Article of Gujarati writers 24% 14% 36% . 1.

0 Midday 1.8 1.6 The New Indian Express 1.TOP 10 English dailies Figures in millions IRS 2009 (Round 1) The Times Of India 13.3 5.9 Deccan Chronicle 2.8 2.3 6.6 1.3 Hindustan Times 6.3 IRS 2008 (Round 2) 13.9 1.6 1.6 DNA 1.4 2.8 Mumbai Mirror 1.3 The Hindu 5.2 The Telegraph 2.8 The Economic Times 2.6 1.5 .

. 60% of respondents gave preference to daily horoscope in the newspaper. 41% people considered business update and career guidance related reading material as very important while 40% consider it important. As many as 70% people thought that their current newspaper was just average in all respects. 90.2% of the readers felt the need for unbiased and ethical newspaper from Gujarat in Gujarati.Significant findings: 85 % people want not more than 25% advertise on the first page.

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