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com .Modules of Oracle HRMS ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± Human Resource (Core HR) Payroll Self Service HR Learning Management Performance Management i-Recruitment Time and Labor Advanced Benefits 2 | 31-Mar-11 www.bahwancybertek.

Oracle Time and Labor 3 | 31-Mar-11 .bahwancybertek.

validation. Payroll / HR and EAM modules. ± Time Entry can be completed through a Configurable web-based time entry screen and an offline spreadsheet ± Approved time entries are available for retrieval by any of the application that require them Remember that time is money by Ben Franklin 4 | 31-Mar-11 . and approval ± Oracle Time and Labor meet your time entry and approval through web-enabled timecard solution ± Do you know the labor cost for your projects? OTL will tell you! ± The OTL Capture data for Project Costing.Oracle OTL ± Oracle Time & Labor is an e-business suite solution to your requirements for time capture. time management.

com .bahwancybertek.Process 5 | 31-Mar-11 www. .Modes of Time Entry  How do workers enter their time using Oracle Time & Labor?  Does Oracle Time and Labor allow Timekeep to record timecards for their employees? 6 | 31-Mar-11 www.

bahwancybertek.Mode of Time Entry ± Authorized Delegate 7 | 31-Mar-11 . .Approval Process ± Mass Approval (work on Supervisors based hierarchy) 8 | 31-Mar-11 www.

9 | 31-Mar-11 www.Approval Preference     HR Supervisors Name Individual More than one person in a workflow Approval style also define which data needs approval for a application before the data is getting .

com .bahwancybertek.Approval Style 10 | 31-Mar-11 www.

OTL Calendar ± Holiday Calendar Holiday calendars allow the system to recognize paid and unpaid .bahwancybertek. ± Work plans Work plans identify applicable shifts for each of the seven days of the week ± Rotation plans Rotation plans identify the dates on which an employee moves from one work plan to another 11 | 31-Mar-11 www. Holiday calendars are part of an earning policy ± Shifts Shifts define the duration or time-in and time-out of work schedules.

com . Employees who are eligible and who work during the shift automatically receive the shift differential premium  Hour deduction policy Which determines how much time is deducted from an employee's hours for meals and breaks  Premium eligibility policy Which defines a list of premiums associated with base hours that a person or group of people may be eligible to receive 12 | 31-Mar-11 www.bahwancybertek.Oracle Time & Labor Policies  Shift differential policy Which sets up any premiums or differentials paid as a result of people working different shifts. .OTL to Payroll Process 13 | 31-Mar-11 www.

OTL to Payroll 14 | 31-Mar-11 . .Thank you Suresh Subramaniyam Oracle-HCM Team 15 | 31-Mar-11 www.

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