Gastronomy Psedo Gastronomy (Food & Wine Snobbism) Gastronomic Experience Gourmets Gastronomes

Cultural Geographical Social (Sociological) Psychological Physiological Anthropological

Harrison 1982
Practical Gastronomy Theoretical Gastronomy Technical Gastronomy Food Gastronomy

PRACTICAL Preparation Production Service (Cuisines) Chefs Foodservice Staff Sommeliers. . etc.

THEORETICAL Process Systems Articles. recipes Creativity/Thinking .

TECHNICAL Gastronomy Underpins Practical Knowledge of production & service Menu Engineering Evaluation of ingredients Processed   Foods Sous Vide (vacuum(vacuumpacked cooking) cooking) CookCook-Chill Research & development .

FOOD GASTRONOMY Role of food and wine Harmonization Product knowledge .

The Status of Gastronomy in Society Role of food Dining out Eating at home Gastronomic Circles Clubs Status of the Chef/Waiter .

Who imparts Gastronomic knowledge? Chefs Food Writers Organizations Clubs Periodicals The Media Celebrity Chefs .

Cuisine & eating habits Physical location . influence of countries that surround it.GASTRO GEOGRAPHY Countries within Europe GASTRO HISTORY History of Europe.

GASTRO GEOGRAPHY Study of the earth s physical features: Vegetation Climate Products Soil People .

and culture . Encompassing such things as rocks. soil. as well as the formation and development of the universe. vapor. physics.the study of human beings and their ancestors through time and space and in relation to physical character.the scientific study of celestial objects (such as stars. meteorology.) BiologyBiology. planets. chemistry. chemistry. physical properties.the science and study of the solid matter that constitute the Earth. environmental and social relations. origin.GASTRO GEOGRAPHY The information used by the Geographer is drawn from multiple fields. and motion of celestial objects. and the processes that shape Earth's components. and how they change in time. Anthropology . and stars. evolution. structure. galaxies) galaxies) and phenomena that originate outside the Earth's atmosphere (such as the cosmic background radiation). water vapor. the gradients and interactions of each variable. and gemstones. physics. meteorology. comets. pressure. planets. weather processes and forecasting i. history.e. It is concerned with the evolution. universe. and temperature. growth. GeologyGeology. pressure.The science of life and of living organisms.the interdisciplinary scientific study of the atmosphere that focuses on AstronomyAstronomy. MeteorologyMeteorology. time. and distribution. They are temperature. It includes botany and zoology and all their subdivisions. geology studies the composition. function. comets. including their structure. radiation). Earth. such as: (cont.

Geography is allied closely to the physical sciences of: Geology Biology Nature of place Link between place and individuals with their habitat .

Physical Geography:       Oceans Climate Vegetation Land Water Environment .

Physical Geography        Climate zones Temperature Geology Precipitation Natural vegetation Land Water .

Human Geography Population migration Density culture and tradition .

Medical Geography Diet. nutrition & health and diseases .

farming & food productions .Economic Geography Agriculture.

Gastro History Scientists. of instructing the present for the benefit of ages to come (Von Ranke. 1952) . Social Scientists & Historians Study of Man & the Environments Effects of Man on the Environment History has assigned to it the task of judging the past.

GastroGastro-History deals with the history of hospitality & gastronomy One of the finest bonds consolidating large social groupings is the members awareness of a common history showing how group identity has prevailed through shifting circumstances. (Von Ranke. 1952) .

Structure & Appeal in Gastronomy Experience economy Build on Guest Satisfaction to bolster revenue CustomerCustomer-Centric CustomerCustomer-Driven CustomerCustomer-Focused .

      Appreciate the Virtuosity of the Chef Experience something new Experience the restaurant s positive reputation Place to be seen aspirational Celebrate in superior ambience Conspicuously do business .A range of gastronomic differentiators may shed light on the complex and richlyrichlywoven functional and socio-psychological socioneeds that can be met.

 Experience a series of designed sensations conveying a fine fining or gastronomic theme for which guests pay . business deals. etc. Experience an elite life-style life As a statement of self-identity self As a statement of preferred life-style life Experience uniqueness and theatricity  Celebrate rights of passage births. birthdays. anniversaries.

tactile flavour and aromatic sensory impressions  Combined social experience  Creation of positive psychological environment affecting all of the senses  Making one feel good about one-self one The offer of food for thought  Potential to experience an over-whelming & overmemorable fine dining/gastronomic experience . Experience the complex interplay of visual. aural.

special functions i.Understanding the need for satisfactions from a meal experience Physiological Hunger Thirst Need for special foods Economic Needs Budget Value Convenient location Fast Service Social Needs Friends. etc. weddings.e. business colleagues. .

Psychological Needs Responding to advertising Try something new Fulfilling life-style needs lifeSatisfying or fulfilling the needs for selfself-esteem .

Convenience Needs Prepare Serve WashWash-up .

Controllable by the establishment  Cramped Condition  Unhelpful staff 2.Dissatisfaction 1. Uncontrollable behaviour by other customers .

The Total Experience What does it mean?? .

special events Impulse No choice captive & semi-captive market semi- .e.Reasons for eating out: Convenience Variety Labour Status Culture/tradition i.

Possible factors affecting the meal experience : Food and drink on offer Level of service Level of cleanliness and hygiene Perceived value for money Atmosphere of the establishment .

Reasons for a Meal Experience Reasons Night out Possible Ranking Atmosphere Food & drink Service Price Cleanliness & hygiene .

Reasons for a Meal Experience (cont ) Reasons Gourmet events Possible Ranking Food & drink Service Atmosphere Cleanliness Price .

Reasons for a Meal Experience (cont ) Reasons Cheap meal Possible Ranking Price Food and drink Cleanliness & hygiene Service Atmosphere .

Reasons for a Meal Experience (cont ) Reasons State banquet Possible Ranking Service Atmosphere Food & drink Cleanliness & hygiene Price .

the cost of not going somewhere else: Transport Time Cost of earning the money to pay the price Cost -    . as well as price.Price - amount of money required to purchase a product includes.

Worth - perception of the desirability of a particular product over another in order to satisfy a set of established goals is not only the personal estimate of a product s capacity to satisfy a set of goals. it is also a perception of the balance between and cost Value - worth .

THIS WEEK S ASSIGNMENT Prepare a paper on: How a Manager can best control the customer meal experience Maximum 1000 words To be submitted next week. .

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