Indigenization From Without

.Indigenization from without  refers to research studies applying western theoretical models and methodologies to the local setting.

 Filipino social psychology was developing and was of great interest to local researchers. Social psychological research in the philippines was dominated by western theories and methodologies. and a third on ethnic stereotypes.  The 1969 issue has 3 social psychological papers: one on the attribution of punishment among Filipino children. another on correspondent inference theory. .

 Gonzales-Intal called for an examination and of the vast body of social Valera psychology theories and concepts . and testing or applying these to the Philippine context because The many social development issues of concern to Filipinos provide fertile grounds for the application of social psychological theories and concepts .

Attribution .

.Attribution  refers to any inference by a social perceiver about the cause of a social other s behavioral action or set of actions.

 Abregana s paper examined upland farmers attributions for success and failure in farming and correlated these with their success expectancy estimates and actual behavior or adopting new farm practices .

.Pilar And Reyes These researchers looked at attributions made by male and female participants on success and failure outcomes.whereas failures were internalized as one s own fault. Supratiknya This Indonesian researcher found that among the javanese Success was often attributed to luck and other non-selfrelated factors.Yacat .

Political Psychology .

. as well as how political factors affect psychological functioning and performance.Political Psychology  This is the study of how psychological factors affect political behavior.

Indigenization From Within .

Indigenization from within  refers to research using indigenous methods and approaches to elicit and study culture-specific social behaviors. .

 Indigenization from within focuses on similar applied research questions. . but uses a different theoretical perspective and methodological orientation.

Gender and Gender Relations .

. the domestication of women remains a dominant orientation among Filipino men and women. Filipino social psychological research on gender and gender relations has been very broad.Gender and Gender Relations  some stereotypic beliefs about masculinity and femininity are not described by actual studies.

Environmental Issues .

He used pagmamasid and pakikipanayam as his major methodological tools .Environmental issues  One of the earliest researchers in environmental psychology was Abraham Velasco of the U.P Forest Research Institute who prepared a social-psychological analysis of kainginero and their relationship with their environment.

Sto. Domingo compared the environmental consciousness of fishermen with scientists-technicians working in the lakeshore area Galvez Developed the ginabayang talakayan method of research and used it to study the behaviors of dynamite fishermen. .

The End .

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