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Existing Vision Statement To excel in providing engineering goods and services through continuous improvements .

To focus on personal development of our Human resources to meet future challenges. corporate values and a safe working environment with a strong sense of social responsibility . To promote good governance.Existing Mission Statement To provide quality products and services to the complete satisfaction of our customers and maximize returns for all stakeholders through optimal use of resources.

Proposed Vision Statement To become the Largest And Diversified company in the field of Engineering And Technology .

.Proposed Mission Statement To provide high quality innovative products that constantly meet customer Expectations through competent workforce which ultimately benefits the firm. its employees and stakeholders. By emphasizing on the factor of reliability firm can achieve customer loyalty.

Internal Factor Evaluation ‡ Strengths ‡ Weaknesses .

‡ Market leader in WRAC (Wide range in air conditioner).Strengths ‡ Strong Brand Image. ‡ Strong Dealer Network with 22-cities. ‡ Contract with Government of Punjab ‡ After sale service ‡ Product Innovation . ‡ Monopoly in Power market ‡ Strategic Alliance with LG.

Low Satisfaction Level of Employees. .Weaknesses ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Financial Problems. Less Utilization of Resources. Lack of Product Range. System Variations. Inappropriate Working of HR Department. Lack of Advertisement.


External Factor Evaluation ‡ Opportunities ‡ Threats .

Opportunities ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Exploration of Market in Pakistan. Increasing Investment in Power Sector. Increase in Production Capacity. Export Opportunity. Rising population. . Increase in Product Range.

Threats ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Strong Competition. Instability of Government. Black Economy in Pakistan. Decreasing Growth Rate in Pakistan. Customer demand is changing Decrease in Pakistani Rupee Value. Chinese Products. Bigger incentives from competitors to dealers . Tax Department.



Porter s Five Forces Model .

‡ Price cutting is common ‡ Product is perishable ‡ Consumer can switch brand easily ‡ Increase in number of competitors ‡ High Rivalry Amongst Industry Rivals (Unfavorable) .Rivalry among competition firms ‡ In this industry rivalry among competing firms increases due to.

Potential entry of new competitor Low Threat of new entrants (Favorable) Barriers for entry for a new firm in this specific industry are like ‡ Economy of scale ‡ Experience required ‡ Large capital required ‡ Distribution channel strategies ‡ Access to raw material .

Potential development substitute products Low Threat of Substitutes (Favorable) .

Bargaining power of supplier The bargaining power of suppliers affects the PEL due to following reasons ‡ Improvement for Quality ‡ Just in time inventory ‡ Reduced inventory cost ‡ Low Bargaining Power of Suppliers (Favorable) .

Bargaining power of consumer The bargaining power of consumers increase is when ‡ The buy in bulk quantity ‡ Excellence customer services ‡ Negotiation on selling prices ‡ High Bargaining Power of Buyers (Unfavorable) .








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