Discussion Method

Christina R.M. Noor Senior elective student ( Karachi Kings College of Nursing)

.  Define discussion method.  Discuss characteristic of the discussion method  Describe advantages and disadvantages of discussion method.  Explain appropriate use of the discussion method  Explain planning for seminar discussion.Objectives: B y the end of the unit the learners will be able to.

It is basically a cooperative problem solving activity which seeks a consensus regarding the solution of a problem rather than decision by majority of vote. . concept or problem.DISCUSSION METHOD  A discussion is a conversation with a focal point. in which there is a sincere desire to arrive at a discussion. such as specific topic question.

Demonstration of decision making and problem solving skills. Utilization of critical skills.` .  Active class participation participants showing their interest .Characteristics of the discussion method. Listening others. Accepting or rejecting attitude towards others points of view. Sharing new ideas regarding topic.

Levels of discussion  OPENING up a new area of study Examination of the soundness of generalization Synthesis of data and generalization. Application of the generalization and decision as action. .

. Acquisition of skill in discussion Building confidence. Acquisition of knowledge. Encouragement of passive participants.Advantages of discussion method.  Development of skill in reflective thinking. Development of special attitude and personality traits.

Feelings your views being rejected in case of accepting others views . Hard working for planning discussion. Not appropriate at basic level.Disadvantages of Discussion Method.   Consumption of time.

7. 2. Opportunity for everyone to participate freely. Clearly define objectives understood by the participants A leader to guide and coordinate proceedings Recording of main points/on black/white boards. 6. Encouraging shy participants Fairly consideration of all points of views Proper closing of the discussion Come to conclusion of discussed topic by members . 5. 3. 8.Appropriate use of Discussion Method 1. 4.

Planning for Seminar discussion         Define purpose of the discussion Relate the topic of discussion to main concept Plan to direct & focus the discussion on the topic Plan to help participants to express their ideas Plan to keep discussion at high level of interest Plan comments and questions Set the time limitation for each person Plan to record the evaluation .

Summarization  Who is ready to summarize the session ? .



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