y A Leader is a person who influences a group of people towards the achievement of a goal .Who is called as a leader? y "The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been." y Before you are a leader. success is all about growing others. success is all about growing yourself.When you become a leader.

Leadership: It is a process where by an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal .

y Seven Core Leadership Competencies .

are able to step into his/her shoes. when a leader moves on. .y What does Succession mean: the act of succeeding. y The Successful Leader Success needs to be measured not only by financial factors but also by the strength of the people who. or following the order or line of those entitled to succeed one another. The good leader achieves both.

.LEADERSHIP SUCCESSION y Leadership succession is related to carry over a legacy of a leadership y An Evidence-based Approach for Managing the Future y leadership succession strategy is a valuable tool to grow future leaders and to ensure continuous development within a shifting global economy. Success by succession planning is an investment that business leaders are recognizing as an important strategy in achieving the long-term vision of their organization.

y Leadership Succession Plan is not about just identifying one leader such a director. who lead others and handle major responsibilities . It is also about the team of leaders within the organization.LEADERSHIP SUCCESSION PLAN y It is based on Performance management system of the organization.

What exactly succession development or succession planning is? y The Basics of Succession Development .

These "high potential" candidates must be carefully selected and then provided training and development that gives them skills and competencies needed for tomorrow's business environment. A well thought-out succession plan is vital to the success of the organization because the individuals identified in the plan will eventually be responsible for ensuring the company is able to tackle future challenges. .SUCCESSION DEVELOPMENT y Succession development is an ongoing process of identifying future leaders in an organization and developing them so that they could move into the next leadership roles.

 Organizations or Schools need to cushion the departure of key leaders and develop leadership capacities to provide a pool of growing talent from which future successors may be selected. and be an integral part of every school and district-wide improvement plan.  Succession needs to be planned thoughtfully and ethically. wider pools of leadership talent must be created so that succession issues are easier to resolve. .  Deeper.CONCLUSION  There are many ways to improve leadership succession in education.

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