Objectives Methodology Data and Results Conclusion Documentation


‡ To describe socio-demographic economic factors at the individual and household levels ‡ To describe the awareness on coal fired powerplant

‡ To describe the health conditions of the participants in terms of signs and symptoms of illness/ reported chronic illness ‡ To describe their health care utilization behavior


Locale of the Study
Barangay Ingore

‡ It is one of the barangays in the district of La Paz, Iloilo City ‡ It is presently headed by Barangay Captain Jonathan Jalandoni

The map shows the Brgy. Ingore, Lapaz, Iloilo City

‡ the area is at most 100 square kilometers -surrounded by two water bodies (Saulog River and Guimaras Strait) ‡ It is composed of 7 Zones - two zones were being focused on the study:Zone 6 and Zone 7

The map shows the seven zones of Brgy. Ingore, La Paz, Iloilo City

Methodological Flowchart

Preparatory Steps
Locating and Selecting Participants

Study Proper

Analysis of Gathered Data

Preparatory Steps
1. Sending letters of permission to the Barangay Officials 2. Asking for assistance and guidance from the barangay officials 3. Making interview questionnaires

Locating and Selecting Participants
1. Asking assistance from a barangay clerk in selecting possible participants 2. The participants were chosen through Convenient sampling

3. Researchers were assigned to a particular participant for the interview

4. Planning the schedule for interview

Study Proper
1. Interview was done based on prepared interview guide 2. Introduction of interviewer and explanation of the nature of the interview

3. Reiteration of the respondent¶s answers for each question 4. Render each respondent¶s answer in the questionnaire

Analysis of Gathered Data
1. Collecting data results 2. Categorization of Data 3. Interpretation of Data

Data and Results

Personal Determinants Household Determinants Determinants of the Participants Health Status Medical Record of Participants

Awareness of Participants with Regard to the Coal-Fired Power Plant on Different CoalAspects Illnesses experienced Before, During and After Health Seeking Behavior

Data and Results
‡ Awareness of participants with regard to the Coal Fired Power Plant ‡ Ilnesses experienced before, during and after test fire ‡ Awareness of Primary Health Care Services

Personal Determinants
‡ Number of Children: Average- 3 ‡ Age Range of Participants: 60-83 (majority is 60-69 yrs old) ‡ Civil Status: All married

Personal Determinants
‡ Educational Attainment: low (atmost elementary graduates) ‡ Source of income:
± majority is from vending food delicacies

Household Determinants
‡ Range of household size: 2-10 people ‡ Waste Disposal: 
most of the garbage others burned a few do both collected

Household Determinants
‡ Source of Water Supply: NAWASA and deep well ‡ Toilet Facility: Pail System ‡ Own Domestic/Farm animals
least most

Ducks, cat, goat, chicken, dog

Determinants of Participants¶ Health Status
‡ Body Mass Index
BMI Classification Underweight Normal Overweight No. of Participants 5 10 1

Determinants of Participants¶ Health Status
‡ Disability: most suffer from low vision and poor hearing ‡ Medicine intake: most take maintenance medicine ‡ Admittance to Hospital: Major reason- illness

Determinants of Participants¶ Health Status
‡ Daily Activities of the Participants
Female Clean the house Cook food Wash clothes Sells Food Delicacies Male Gather Wood Play Board Games Feed Domestic Animals Tend Sari-sari Store

Determinants of Participants¶ Health Status
‡ No. Of meals per day: almost all, 3 times a day ‡ Sleeping Hours: 7-9 hours ‡ Vices: Smoking, Drinking

Medical Record of Participants
‡ Medical History 
Common diseases -male: chronic respiratory -female: cataract Recurring diseases -allergies, rheumatism, arthritis, skin ailments -9 out of 16 have recurring diseases

Awareness of Participants with Regard to Coal-Fired Power Plant
‡ Point of view of Participants -majority are against

‡ Awareness of Point of View of Brgy. Officials -according to participants, officials are proCoal-Fired Power Plant ‡ Awareness of Effects -most are aware of the effects

Ilnesses Experienced Before, During and After the Test Fire
Number of Participants With illness Before During After 5 5 6 Without illness 11 11 10

Health Seeking Behavior
‡ Consultation for Professional Health Care -13 out of 16 are willing ‡ Awareness of Health Care Service of the Brgy. ± 12 out of 16

‡ Awareness of the presence of Baldoza Health care center - 11 out of 16 ‡ Consultation in Baldoza Health Care Center if offered - 3 males and 3 females


In conclusion based on the data gathered, there are no significant changes that have occurred in the health conditions of the ELDERLY participants living in the vicinity of the Coal-Fired Power Plant.


Movie Documentation


Barangay Officials of Barangay Ingore Ate Roane Kaye Derutas (Barangay Clerk) DENR- CENRO NSCB (National Statistics Coordinating Board) ‡ Baldoza Health Care Center ‡ Participants of the Case Study ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

PH 101 Faculty Advisers
Dr. Alice Joan G. Ferrer Prof. Ma. Severa Fe S. Katalbas Prof. Lucifino V. Firmo

Group 1 Members
Doneza Dee Acuesta Gertrude Mikee Ca onero Roy Dahildahil Jake Dela Victoria Jaysun Dela Victoria Regine Marie Espa a Maugri Grace Kristi Laluma

Ma. Katerina Mallari Hannah Pioquid Mechelle Joy Poral Abigail Puno Ni a Marie Sedayon Ma. Sharee Lou Villanueva Roena Nicole Villanueva

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