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HL7 definition


Why standards in health care communication .. What is HL7--it took our too much time to find the answer
following .. finally

today we decided to present.. lets start with You choose one of the

A) Software C)Clinical procedure

B)Programme D)None of the above

What is HL7 ?
An international electronic health data communication standards. ´Rulesµ for common types of communication between health computer applications. The most widely- implemented "exchange protocolµ in North American health.

Clear..? Y/N

What is HL7------Definition 2 ‡ A not-for-profit American standards development organization (SDO) ² >2200 members ² 32 international affiliates for India -HL7 India. Clear.? Y/N ..

Why do we needs standards in health care communication ..?????????? .

e communicate via custom interfaces or share a common data format Custom interfaces are costly to design and difficult to maintain (~ $100k each i.? In Healthcare IT systems to exchange information done by. . but needs up-front agreement and commitment = a Standard .) something technical problem.Why Standards requires .e. A common data format is cost-effective.2 ways i.

Why Communication Standards? .

 Mobile Phones (´GSMµ)  CDs (´ISOµ)  ATMs .

. delivery and evaluation of healthcare services. methodologies. to create flexible.µ Lets see«.e.i.what is interoperability«? And electronic health records««? .So far. and enable healthcare information system interoperability and sharing of electronic health records. HL7 is not-for profit stands development organization which has 13 international affiliation«« To provide standards for the exchange. standards.clear«. guidelines. Specifically. cost effective approaches. management and integration of data that supports clinical patient care and the management.

Interoperability--´Ability of two or more systems or components to exchange information and to use the information that has been exchangedµ [IEEE Standard Computer Dictionary: A Compilation of IEEE Standard Computer Glossaries. 1990] Functional interoperability Semantic interoperability . IEEE.


We seen why we need standards for communication«« what is ``interoperability`` and electronics health records«««« .i.HL7 is an standard developing organization««. Health Level 7.Org communication«..e.

Ethernet. RS232) 7-layer ISO Communication Model .7Application (clinical) 6 Presentation (encryption) 5 Session (session set-up & termination) Function 4 Transport (error recovery & flow control) 3 Network (switching & routing) Communication 2 Data Link (MAC& LLC) 1 Physical (hardware.

HL7: Messages and More . Decision Support ‡ Arden Syntax Standard (1999) ‡ Guideline Interchange Format (GLIF) ‡ ´GELLOµ Visual Integration (´CCOWµ) Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) Electronic Health Record (EHR) ...

Specifically. standards. methodologies. cost effective approaches. guidelines.HL7·s Mandate To provide standards for the exchange. to create flexible. delivery. and integration of data that support clinical patient care and the management. and evaluation of healthcare services. management. and related services for interoperability between health information systems. .

Without HL7: Lab Admission Diagnostic Imaging Point to Point Interfaces Pharmacy Finance Nutrition .

HL7: Reusable Interfaces Lab Admission Diagnostic Imaging Pharmacy HL7 Finance Nutrition .

‡ Incorporates other Standards efforts when possible ² ISO. Image Management. Personnel./Finance. and S . Pt. Scheduling. Vocabulary. CORBAMed. Government Projects. HL7 Scope of Interest‡ Over 20 Committees / Groups in the ´Working Groupµ ‡ Includes XML. CommunityBased Health. International. XML. Medical Records. Orders Observations. DICOM. MPI Mediation. etc. Modelling (v3). Blood Bank.HL7 Advantages‡ One interface format to support requires fewer resources ‡ Reduces work by linking multiple applications with the same interface ‡ Helps to enforce data standards between applications. Claims Attachments. Admin.

‡ A Trigger Event equates to an event in the real world. ‡ Trigger events are identified by a unique 3 character code. .‡HL7 assumes that an event in the real world of healthcare creates the need for data to flow among systems.

Staff Practitioner .Sample Trigger Events ADT Trigger Events A01 Admit a Patient A02 Transfer a Patient A03 Discharge a Patient A08 Update Patient Info Order Trigger Events O01 Order Message Result Trigger Events R01 Unsolicited Transmission of Requested Observation Master File Trigger Events M02 Master File .

Name Title Company .

The HL7 Message ‡ HL7 Messages are several segments which are grouped together ‡ Segments are logical groupings of data fields ‡ Fields are a string of components representing data ‡ Components may contain subcomponents .



reserved for locally defined messages .Each segment forms a ´lineµ in the message. ‡ A segment starts with a unique three character identifier ‡ Segments may be required or optional and grouped within a given message ‡ Z segments .


number. A data field is a string of characters. Fields are separated by l Sample fields . . etc. address.A field is a unit of data such as a name.

.A field is made up of components ‡ The field·s ´data typeµ defines it·s components. ‡ A component may itself contain components (sub-components). ‡ HL7 does not define Optionality or Length at the component level.




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