‡ Industry will account for 6. medical infrastructure. medical devices.1% of GDP by 2012. ‡ Includes hospitals.7 billion. ‡ Private health care sector in India accounts for over 75% of total health expenditure in the country. .INTRODUCTION ‡ Indian healthcare market is estimated at US$18. health insurance etc. ‡ Around 20 international companies are competing for their share in Indian health care sector.

.PRIMARY SERVICES ‡ Primary healthcare centers are the cornerstone of the rural healthcare system. ‡ The main problems affecting the success of primary health centers are the predominance of clinical and curative concerns over the intended emphasis on preventive work and the reluctance of staff to work in rural areas. ‡ The integration of health services with family planning programs often causes the local population to perceive the primary health centers as hostile to their traditional preference for large families. ‡ Primary health centers and sub centers rely on trained paramedics to meet their needs.

Deteriorating Infrastructure Lack of insurance . Pharmaceuticals. Expanding middle class. Rise of disease.DRIVERS OF GROWTH IN HEALTH CARE SECTOR ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Growing population and economy.

HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY OPPURTUNITIES ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Medical tourism on the rise. Healthcare infrastructure expansion. Medical equipment market. Growth of telemedicine. Emerging health insurance market. .

.PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY OPPURTUNITIES ‡ Manufacturing. ‡ Clinical trials. ‡ Pharmaceutical Research.

Limited.MAJOR HEALTH CARE COMPANIES ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Apollo life Sun Healthcare Nicholas Primal India pvt. Cadilla healthcare .

‡ U. In joint venture with Apollo group to build Apollo Gleneagles. ‡ Singapore s based Parkway Group Healthcare PTE Ltd. ‡ Max healthcare and Singapore General Hospital.FOREIGN PRESENCE IN HEALTH CARE SECTOR ‡ Singapore s Pacific healthcare in collabration with India s vitae healthcare in Hyderabad.S based Proton health care has entered the Indian market with its range of digital health monitoring devices. .

health insurance.CONSTRAINTS TO FOREIGN INVESTMENTS IN HOSPITALS ‡ External Factors ‡ Domestic Factors Initial establishment issues. Other regulatory issues and policy direction. Medical equipment and technology. Manpower availability and quality issues. .

.IMPACT OF FOREIGN INVESTMENT IN HOSPITALS ‡ +VE IMPLICATIONS .Creating employment opportunity.Increased cost and affordability of healthcare services. .Raising the standard and quality of healthcare. . .Increase physical capacity in healthcare sector. ‡ -VE IMPLICATIONS -Increased segmentation.