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Sentence starters & keywords

  Bold, Bright, Natural, Fun, Colourful,

● The product looks… Dull, Boring, Ugly, Logo, Flag,
A ● The colours are… Pictures, Writing, Typography, Art
Aesthetics ● The product style is… Deco, Modern, Fun, Kawaii, Sleek,
● The texture of the product is... Brutalist, Futuristic
Sentence starters & keywords
● The cost of the product to buy is…
● The cost of the product to make is…
● The cost of the materials of the product are…
● Expensive, Cheap,
The cost of this product compared to similar products Disposable, Throw
C is….
● The product is/isn’t expensive because… away, Bin, Lifecycle,
COST Value for money,
● The cost changes the type of person who could buy this
because... Wasteful, Luxury
Sentence starters & keywords

C ● The type of people who would buy Children, Parents, Adults, Sports fans,
this are…………………….would Tourists, Athletes, Companies,
Client / Schools, Teachers, Doctors, Teens,
Customer use this product.
● The client for this product is….
Sentence starters & keywords

● This product has a negative/positive impact on Recycle, Reuse,
E the environment because... Packaging, Bin,
Environmental ● This product could be made less wasteful by... Reduce, Rethink,
Impact ● This product’s packaging is... Repair, Refuse,
● This product is made to work on _____ surface Throw away,
Environmental ● I think that the product would last….
Situation Disposable, Waste,
● This product could be reused by…. Lifespan, Durable

Sentence starters & keywords

❏ The product is safe/unsafe
because… Sharp, Suffocate, Hygiene,
S ❏ This product is not safe for
Safety Bacteria, Information, Dangerous,
people age… High quality, Toxic, Small parts
❏ This product would be
dangerous if...
Sentence starters & keywords

❏ The size of the product is … x ……
❏ If this product was bigger it would… Large, Bold, Use, Open, Pour,
S ❏ If this product was smaller it would…
Size Read, Easy to hold, Fit,
❏ This product is the right/wrong size for the Ergonomics, Custom
client because…
❏ If the products size changed it would be...

Sentence starters & keywords

❏ The function of the product is…..

❏ The product works well because…. Holds, Contain,
❏ Protects, Promotes,
The main function of the product is… Sells, Attracts, provides
F ❏ The additional functions of the product are…
Function ❏ Functions this has, which other similar products don’t information, Serve, Fits,
Entertains, Hearts,
❏ This product would be easy to use because... Cools, Plays
Sentence starters & keywords

Card, Plastic, Foil,

  Aluminium, Metal, Box,
❏ This product is made of… Material, Strong, Weak,
M ❏ Similar products are made of… Durable, Paper, Fabric,
Material ❏ This material is suitable because... Natural, Man-made,
❏ If this product was made of a different Cotton, Polyester, Paper,
material it would... Strong, Soft, Fluffy,

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