Pakistan Economy

M. Aslam Khan

Inadequate facilities regarding water supply and sanitation. . Budget deficits.Major Economic Issues of Pakistan ‡ major economic issues ± ± ± ± ± ± Rising poverty. Depressed state of human resource development. Low literacy rate. Increasing unemployment.

Major Economic Issues of Pakistan Contd . Failure of economic policies and Social backwardness. . Poor governance. ‡ major economic issues ± ± ± ± ± ± ± Debt burden. Deteriorating law and order conditions. Deficit in BOP. Rising unproductive expenditures.

‡ the population will reach 22 crore by 2020.36 crore. .7%. ‡ Problems Relating to Human Resources ± On 1st January 2009 ‡ the population of Pakistan had gone to 173. ± If this growth rate remains.Major Economic Issues of Pakistan Contd .54 million or 17. ‡ The population growth rate is 1.

‡ In the year 2007.Major Economic Issues of Pakistan Contd .900 per 40 Kg.December 2007 the price of flour had gone to Rs. ± The prices of wheat went on rising. the petrol and oil imports are more than 75% of its requirements. . a shortage of wheat was observed in the country. ± Again. ‡ in. ‡ The same was the case in 2008. ± More than 1. ‡ Problems Relating to Human Resources ‡ Rising population the demand for goods and services ± wheat and cooking oil is rising very fast.5 million tons of wheat had to be imported. ‡ As Pakistan has to import more thar 90% of its cooking oil.

‡ the limited industrial activities are also aggravating the problem of unemployment. ‡ Problems Relating to Human Resources ‡ Because of rising population the unemployment is increasing ± According to official statistics ‡ the unemployment rate was 5. ± There exists heavy rural unemployment ± as there are limited employment opportunities in villages. ‡ about 10 million people are underemployed. ± In addition to population.5% in 2009-10. . ± Because of unemployment. ‡ the uneconomic. ‡ while it is for above than this according to "unofficial sources . unsocial and unethical activities are flourishing in the country. ± In addition to open unemployment.Major Economic Issues of Pakistan Contd .

‡ Problems Relating to Human Resources ‡ Responsible for unemployment and poverty. limited job opportunities. kidnappings. ‡ According to a rough estimate one-third population of the country is living below the poverty line. reduced expansion in developmental expenditures. dishonesty. ‡ the rising use of drugs. speculation on the basis of lower interest rates of commercial banks. promotion of trading rather than manufacturing. violence and terrorism . corruption. gold and dollar etc. ± ± ± ± ± ± The rising population.Major Economic Issues of Pakistan Contd . ± as their per capita income per day is less than one dollar. craze to invest in properties. robberies.

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