.‡To find out customer preferences towards different brands of soyabean oil.

.‡Market share of each brand towards total market share of soyabean oil.

‡What is the margin retailers are getting from various brands & what are the brands they want to sell. .

‡What problems are they facing related to new or various products. .

‡To get the feedback from retailers & customers as well. .

Today ABC has an installed capacity of 10. LTD Since 1940 At Amrit Banaspati Company we have stayed close to our roots nature.000 metric tonnes per month in its first year of operations. .‡ AMRIT BANASPATI CO. Our special understanding of nature and her ways have enabled us to grow form a Vanaspati company to a multi product organization producing a whole range of edible oils and fats.000 metric tonnes per month as compared to a mere 3.

Most importantly it contains OMG3 (Omega ± 3 fatty acids) ± an essential PUFA which needs to be supplemented from outside sources.FORTUNE SOYABEAN OIL:‡ Is light.´ Fortune Refined Soyabean Oil is the highest seller in the refined soyabean oil category with 44% of the market share . enriched with OMG3. odorless and healthy oil. Soyabean oil is the preferred oil of many a household across the world. gives you and your family ³Paanch Ka Aashirwad. Fortune Refined Soyabean Oil.

Shri Kailash Shahra has enhanced the vision by transforming countryside of Madhya Pradesh into Soya bowl of the nation.75 crores. The company was founded by industrial visionary late Shri Mahadeo Shahra and at present is headed by his eldest son Shri Kailash Shahra.THE RUCHI SOYA INDUSTRIES LIMITED Ruchi Soya Industries Limited is an agro industry of Rs 3081. . who is the Chairman of the Group.60 crores turnover Ruchi Group. The group has an impressive net worth of Rs 401 crores (Rs 4010 million) and assets worth Rs 682. It is the flagship company of one of the five companies of the group.

sunflower.DHARA Dhara has 23 variants of mustard. rapeseed. to the Rs. Dhara has played a crucial role in changing the industry norms and enriching the sluggish edible oils market .300 million turn over Dhara enjoys. Dhara Refined Vegetable Oil contributes 50% by value. Despite being primarily a support to the small-scale Indian farmer. 3. groundnut and soyabean oils in its product basket.

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Data Collection :Primary Data and Secondary Data .

Universe : Bilaspur Market .

Sample Size : 50 / 50 Sampling Area :Bilaspur .

Sample unit : Customer & Retailers Research design : Descriptive .



Are you satisfied with the services of the brand you are selling? No 42% Yes 58% .QUES :.

which brands of soyabean oil are available in the shop? 50% 25 20 15 10 5 0 20 % 12 % 18 % Fortune Soyumn Ginni Dhara .

QUES :.Are you satisfied with the packing of oil ? No 32% Yes 68% .

which soyabean oil has maximum sale per month? 36 % 16 % 20 % 28 % Fortune Ginni Dhara Soyumm .QUES:.

QUES :- which soyabean oil has maximum sale in different quantity packs?
15ltr 12%

5ltr 32%

I ltr 56%

QUES:- Are you get the proper feedback from the company?

4 %

YES 54%

QUES :- what influences customers to buy the brand?
30 25 20 15 10 5 0

26 %

Advertising Attractive


12 %

10 %

14 %

18 % 8%



Shop display



Health conscious

QUES:.Are you satisfied with incentives from the oil company? % YES 74% .

QUES:.Are you satisfied with the quality? NO 41% YES 59% .

QUES :.If no then what are the suggestions you will give to the company? Credit 30% Scheme 18% Margin 52% .


Do you use soyabean oil and satisfied with brand? No 18% Yes 82% .QUES :.

QUES :.If yes (check) the brand you use? 58% 18% 10% Fortune Soyumm Ginni 14% Dhara .

Are you happy with the packing of oil? 74% 26% YES NO .QUES :.

Do you know new schemes ? No 38% Yes 62% .QUES :.

QUES :.What influenced you to buy the above stated brand(s)? Health conscious 18% Advertisment 26% Pricing 12% Attractive 14% Shop display 6% Retailer 16% Packaging 8% .

. . .QUES :.? try another brand 24% drop the idea of buying it 22% go to another retail outlet 54% .If particular brand is not available with retailer the you will. .

What according to you a suitable price for 1 ltr which is of good quality? % 12% bel w 18% between nd between nd 16% re t n .QUES :.

If your brand is few Rs expensive than it. then will you go for it? 78 22 Yes No .QUES :.

Are you happy with discount? 51% 49% YES NO .QUES :.

A sale promotion scheme like rs 10 off .QUES :. whould it affect you purchase decision? NO 24% YES 76% . 250 gms extra or a product free.

QUES :.what size of packaging do you normally buy? 15ltr 10% 5ltr 16% 1ltr 74% .

today? 74% 26% YES NO .Are you happy with the kind of soyabean oil brands available in India.QUES :.


Ha= Retailer are satisfied with the selling of edible oil.FOR RETAILER SIDE:Ho= Retailer are not satisfied with the selling of edible oil. .

125 .Oi Ei Oi-Ei (Oi-Ei)2 (Oi-Ei)2/Ei YES 19 10 9 81 8.1 NO 13 8 5 25 3.

‡ Degree of freedom .‡ X2 = ™ (Oi-Ei)2 /Ei = 11.05 so the tabulated value < calculated value.05 ‡ The table value of X2 for 2 degree of freedom at 5% level of significance is 0.225(calculated value) = n-1 = 2-1 = 1 ‡ Tabulated value = 0.

Ha= Retailer are satisfied with the selling of edible oil.FOR CUSTOMER SIDE:Ho= Retailer are not satisfied with the selling of edible oil. .

Oi Ei Oi-Ei (Oi-Ei)2 (Oi-Ei)2/Ei YES 30 11 19 361 32.81 NO 6 3 3 9 3 .

05 ‡ The table value of X2 for 2 degree of freedom at 5% level of significance is 0.‡ X2 = ™ (Oi-Ei)2 /Ei = 35.05 so the tabulated value < calculated value.81(calculated value) = n-1 = 2-1 = 1 ‡ Tabulated value = 0. ‡ Degree of freedom .


Most of the retailers complained that they get very lo margin in all the products of ABCL as compared to its competitors that¶s why unable to sell the local brand .‡ Lo margin : . .

‡ Leakage problem : -The retailers also complained about the leakage problem faced by them in the cartoons of Ginni and no replacement. but other companies are giving them full replacement of leakage packages. .

they are not even made aware of the scheme.‡ Feed back problem : . . like whenever any scheme is introduced by the company.The retailers also complained that they get very less feed back from the company.

‡ Quality problem : The retailers also said that sometimes the quality of soya oil is low they have face problems regarding their image .

‡ MRP Problem :. . sometimes it happens that MRP of ginni products is less than the price at which they have purchased it from the distributor.Retailers also complained that in the days of rising prices.

‡PROBLEMS related to ne products :they complained that sometimes they are even unaware of companies new products .


‡MRP problem :customers complaint that sometimes they have to pay more price then the MRP .

customers even told that sometimes they have to face leakage problems .‡Leakage problem :.

‡PROBLEMS related to ne schemes : customers complaint that even sometimes retailers don¶t even tell about new schemes .

customers complaint that there are very less discount schemes on soya oil as compared to other refined oil .‡DISCOUNT schemes :.


‡The period of the project was not sufficient to study all the factors in deep and also limitation of area. .

As a consequence.‡ The sample was restricted to the geographical limits of BILASPUR (C.G) market only and might not be a true representative of CHHATTISGHAR market. .G) only. the results of the study pertain to BILASPUR (C.

.‡ The study is based only on secondary & primary data so lack of keen observations and interactions were also the limiting factors in the proper conclusion of the study.

‡ A sample of 50-50 Customers& Retailer was taken to carry out the study. . The sample is very small to draw important conclusions and is not a true representation population of the state of CHHATTISGHAR.

.RECOMMENDATION ‡ Leakage problem should be looked after and the replacement of the leaked packets should be given to them.

.‡The company should reduce the cost of their products and the margin of the retailers should be increased.

. they should be properly informed about the scheme.‡ There should be proper channel of information. whenever any scheme is introduced by the company for the retailers.

advertisement is not possible. .V. whenever any scheme is introduced for the consumer there should be at least a print advertisement if T .‡ In the same way.

‡Other incentives should also be given to the retailers like glow sign boards etc. .

CONCLUSION ‡ Leakage problem should be taken care of and the retailers should fully compensated for their loss due to leakage. .

. Sales representatives should be given guidelines to intimate each and every retailer of his area about the schemes.‡ There should be proper feedback for the retailers AS WELL AS customers whenever any scheme is introduced for the retailers & customers they should be made aware of it.

. . house wives.‡ Whenever any consumer oriented scheme is introduced. the scheme should be directly targeted to that person who actually uses i.e.

‡ incentives should be also given to the retailers. They should be given glow sign boards and other sales promotional materials. . This will boost up their spirits.

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