Think it over

A humble presentation by Prof. V. Viswanadham

Think it over Way back when we began our journey . . .

It was from Darkness towards Light

It was from Ignorance towards Knowledge

Think it over Having attained considerable progress in our journey . . .

Should we concentrate on Moving further or . . . . .

Should we commence the Backward journey ?

What do you think is happening now ? in general terms ?

Just think it over

Who is responsible ?

Who is leading this change ?

Who will be gaining ?

At whose cost ?

At what cost ?

Now let¶s think it over



All these things Are needed With And not without. Without ± These things are not only Useless But positively dangerous. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

It is Education that supplies all the required manpower to all the segments of the Society.

If Education is without Character then, Manpower without Character will be supplied to all the segments of the Society.

The question then is how to ensure that Education Supplies the required manpower with Character.

Just think it over



can do

Let the good things be preserved and passed on to the coming generations

Let the good things be preserved and passed on to the coming generations

Deshamunu Preminchumanna Manchiannadi Penchumanna Vottimatalu Kattipettoy Gattimel Talapettavoy

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