It also prevents people from altering the work without permission. It prevents others from taking there work for free.COPYRIGHT ‡ Copyright allows authors. artists. etc. to make money off of their labor. . musicians.

and Sculptural Works Motion Pictures and AV Sound Recordings Architectural Works . Graphic.What Can Be Protected? ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Literary Works Musical Works Dramatic Works Choreographic Work Pictorial.

Right to distribute copies for sale. Right to display musical and artistic works publicly. Right to perform AV works publicly. Right to prepare derivative works. .What Does Copyright Give Rights Holders? ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Right to reproduce the work.

(It is 120 years after creation if not published.) ‡ Works published before 1978 and after 1923 are protected for 95 yea .How Long Does Copyright Last? ‡ A copyright last for life plus 70 years for individuals for anything on or after 1978. ‡ A copyright lasts for 95 years for corporate authors after publication for anything on or after 1978.

What Is Protected by Copyright Computer programs Databases Multimedia creations Films and videos Photographs Screenplays Plays and scripts Sonng lyrics Sound recordings Musical compositions Books Poems Pamphlets Magazine articles Maps Sculptures Architectural works Advertisements and logos Drawings and paintings .

Short phrases and titles .A method of staging a play .Names or slogans .Plots or characters .Idea for a plot .A work in the public domain .What Is NOT Protected .Title for a song .Factual information .

g.There is no such thing as common law ‡ FORM OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY : a copyright is a form of intellectual property sincethe product over which the right is granted. e.. is the result of utilization andinvestment of intellect . a literary work.Characteristics of Copyrights: ‡ · CREATION OF A STATUTE : copyright is creation of a specific statute under the present law.

It is a right to prevent others from copying or reproducing the work . ‡ NEGATIVE RIGHT : copyright is a negative right meaning thereby that it is prohibitory innature.‡ MONOPOLY RIGHT : copyright is a monopoly right restraining the others from exercising thatright which has been conferred on the owner of copyright under the provisions of the Act.

skill and capital of another. composers andartists to create original works by rewarding them with the exclusive right for a specified periodto reproduce the works for publishing and selling them to public. .‡ OBJECT OF COPYRIGHT : the object of copyright is to encourage authors. The law does not permit one toappropriate to him what has been produced by the labour.

in case of a literary work copyright comprises the right ofreproduction in hard back and paperback editions. For instance.adaptation. It consists of a bundle of different rights inthe same work. the right of serial publication in newspapersand magazines. abridgement and the right of public performance. the right of dramatic and cinematographic versions. .‡ MULTIPLE RIGHTS : copyright is not a single right. the right if translation.

.‡ NEIGHBOURING RIGHTS : copyrights consists of the right to works derived from the originalworks. rights like the right of public performance. the recording right and the broadcasting eightwhich are as important or even more than the right of reproduction. Such related rights are termed as neighbouring rights .



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