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Aravali Institute of Management


Presented By: Group-8

Presented To: Prof. J.M-Panth


y An

employee suggestion scheme is a formal mechanism, which encourages employees to contribute constructive ideas for improving their organization y It is a common tool used for factory improvement and as a way to develop better workplace relations



PROBLEM ADDRESSED 3 y Employee suggestion schemes provide a way to capture employees¶ ideas on areas that are often not within their control y Prospective Users:  Any factory team that wishes to achieve cost savings. improve product quality. and working conditions PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 4/4/2011 . workplace efficiency. customer service.

such as once a week. and reads the suggestions y A committee then decides which suggestions to implement and responds to suggestions PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 4/4/2011 .Process 4 y Typically the process involves workers writing their suggestion on a piece of paper and placing it in a box that is easily accessible y A designated manager publicly empties the suggestion box on a regularly scheduled basis.

while another month focuses on energy conservation or canteen improvements. y Have a designated manager who is senior enough to demonstrate commitment to the mechanism empty the suggestion box on a regularly scheduled basis. For example. such as once a week. This should be in a strategic and convenient location for employees to drop their suggestions y Explain to workers that they can write their suggestions on how to improve operations either within their own work area or the factory in general on a piece of paper and place it in the suggestion box. Many enterprises provide a theme for each month. one month is for quality improvement suggestions. and read out loud the suggestions PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 4/4/2011 .Steps for Implementation 5 y Place a suggestion box in a public space.

implementing those ideas that can benefit the enterprise and respond to those suggestions that cannot be implemented. Including management. supervisors.Steps for Implementation 6 y Create a committee to review all suggestions and determine which ones should be implemented based on pre-define criteria. y Reward workers for their suggestions and do not penalize them for any critical suggestions PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 4/4/2011 . The committee should comprise both men and women from all parts of the organization and representing various demographic groups. line managers and workers y Follow through with the suggestions.

depending on size and layout of factory) to receive suggestions.RESOURCES REQUIRED 7 y A box (or several boxes. placed in a strategic and convenient location for employees to drop their suggestions PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 4/4/2011 .

performance.  productivity and service delivery  improve morale and the working  environment for employees  improve health and safety PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 4/4/2011 .POSITIVE IMPACT 8 y An employee suggestion scheme can help a factory:  become a high performance employee focused organization  achieve best value  improve efficiency.

CHALLENGES AND PITFALLS 9 y An ill-conceived. cynicism and misunderstanding. undefined employee suggestion scheme can turn people off and generate ill will. It is therefore crucial to put in place a set of guidelines for planning out how the scheme will work and also for communicating the process to others PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 4/4/2011 . hastily launched.

Guidelines should cover 10 y Logistics (where the boxes will be placed. how suggestions will be judged etc. deadline for submissions etc.) Criteria (types of suggestions.) Process (who can participate. how y y y y often they will be emptied etc.) Incentives (what rewards may be available for submissions) Committee members (who is involved) PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 4/4/2011 .

y Top management must demonstrate and show enthusiasm and commitment toward the scheme if it is to generate the desired results PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 4/4/2011 .Other Challenges 11 y Another challenge is to ensure that there is full management support for the employee suggestion scheme.

it is important to respond to suggestions promptly and provide timely feedback in order to demonstrate to employees that ideas are taken seriously and employees whose suggestions are not accepted are not deterred from making further suggestions.INDICATORS FOR MONITORING 12 y There should be continuous monitoring and review of the suggestion scheme in order that problems are detected at the earliest opportunity and employees continue to have faith in and participate in the scheme y Finally. PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 4/4/2011 .

 It is imperative that this dust is prevented from getting into sensitive parts of the raw mill like its bearings  Due to insufficient seal air pressure. causing the system to trip.AMBUJA CEMENT 13 y Smart ways to trap dust The Ambuja Nagar plant has three raw mills for grinding limestone. Such frequent tripping caused losses in production  PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 4/4/2011 . finer dust particles entered the bearings. The process of grinding limestone generates a lot of dust.

They also removed some unnecessary valves besides reducing the length of the pipe to allow greater flow of air. The solution has lead to substantial savings running into lakhs of rupees PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 4/4/2011 . With great skill. they diagnosed that the hose pipe that brought air to the station was smaller in diameter than necessary. This simple yet smart solution obviated the need of an extra blower. These measures successfully increased the air pressure and eliminated the dust menace.AMBUJA CEMENT 14     The Ambuja engineers studied the problem. the engineers replaced the small hose pipe by a bigger one thereby increasing the air pressure. After careful observation.

4/4/2011 PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 .15 y The I CAN Rationale     The µI Can¶ spirit signifies that each person contributes his potential to achieve the goal. But let him set his own targets. give him freedom and authority and his task becomes a personal mission: I Can. It does not mean that he is the only one responsible for the achievement of the goal For example a person working under an engineer in a plant has a right to give a suggestion which if worthwhile is appreciated by the person above him and then the whole team works together to achieve the goal This process of tapping individual initiative for team synergy is at the heart of the culture nurtured over the years Give a man orders and he will do the task reasonably well.

Lafarge India 16 y Preface  Suggestion Box scheme aims to give opportunity to even grass root workers for participating in continuous improvement process by giving their innovative and creative idea and getting them implemented for achieving business excel ence. PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 4/4/2011 .

participation and ownership of the employees in planning and implementing one¶s idea y Respect the Group¶s principles and promote its image y Lead the industry in integrating sustainable development into our business PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 4/4/2011 .Objective Lafarge India 17 y To develop creative and constructive attitude & aptitude among all the non-officers and officers up to senior executive level as well as contractor employees y To enhance performance culture and bring continuous improvement y To generate sense of belonging among the employees y To eliminate even small losses and implement best practices y To improve industrial relations through employees participation y To promote greater involvement.

are eligible for offering the suggestions under this scheme:      Asst. Manager and above Employees falling within the category of research work Employees involved in Industrial Engineering Employees.ELIGIBILITY OF SUGGESTOR 18 y All the Lafarge as well as contractor employees. information obtained from special investigation and studies or have been assigned to work on special problems Task force members PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 4/4/2011 . who are in the privileged position of having at their disposal. other than those listed below.

processes. or procedures  Reduction of waste or spil age. equipment. cost reduction or improvement in products or their design  Improvement in methods. or tools and layouts. machinery.  PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 4/4/2011 . higher productivity.CRITERIA FOR ACCEPTANCE OF A SUGGESTION 19 y Suggestor offer suggestions in respect of matters coming within the jurisdiction of the plant can lead to: Improvement in working and environmental conditions including removal of hazards to health and possibilities of accidents  Increased production.

CRITERIA FOR ACCEPTANCE OF A SUGGESTION 20 y Reduction in the frequency of idle time or repairs and y y y y y maintenance of machinery. equipment or tools Increase in the utility. yield or output of products Conservation of materials. energy or time in processes or their utilization for better purpose Improvement in the quality of service Any suggestion. quality. which is beneficial to the company The suggestion should be to improve performance in terms of saving ( E V A ) reduction or elimination of losses PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 4/4/2011 .

the certified suggestion should reach improvement Suggestion Box Committee within 30 days of first implementation PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 4/4/2011 ..O.RULES 21 y Suggestion is to be submitted in writing in the prescribed y y y y Suggestion Form and details can be attached in plain paper Suggestions can be submitted by individual or jointly by a team If an employee has a suggestion. if the suggestion has been implemented with the approval of H.D. he should drop his suggestion to the improvement Suggestion boxes. located in various prominent locations of the plant Suggestions should be submitted before implementation Due to urgency.

the date of receipt at Improvement y Suggestion Box Committee will be treated as the date on which the suggestion is given y Correspondence from the Improvement Suggestion Box Committee is sent back to him through Section In charge / Departmental heads PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 4/4/2011 .Rules 22 y Suggestion originating from job methods course or works simplification can also be forwarded to improvement suggestion Box Committee y For the purpose of accepting suggestion.

at plant level :After evaluation by Improvement Suggestion Box Committee the awards shall be classified in two categories. Award in Safety  Award in other Discipline  PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 4/4/2011 .AWARD SYSTEM 23 y A token gift (Pen / Key ring with Lafarge logo) for every feasible / registered suggestion shall be given in recognition of his participation y Awards on implementation.

1500/.250/.2500/.will be given y For tangible benefit a minimum of Rs.will be given PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 4/4/2011 .and maximum of Rs.and maximum of Rs.500/.AWARD SYSTEM 24 y For intangible benefits a minimum of Rs.

PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 4/4/2011 .AWARD SYSTEM 25 y Higher reward per year for 10 best suggestion will be given at B U level y Award for suggestion on Safety shall be distributed on first of every month during safety pledge at the plant main gate y Award in other category of improvement suggestion shall be given through the departmental head as per the decision taken in Suggestion Box Committee monthly meeting.

received. implemented.EVALUATION AND FEEDBACK SYSTEM 26 y Annual function in the month of January every year will be held at Business Unit level with the following agenda:   Awarding ten best suggestions during the year Report on the Suggestion Box Scheme for the previous year giving details of suggestions. impact on KPI¶s / cost saving from the implemented suggestions PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 4/4/2011 . rejected.

EVALUATION AND FEEDBACK SYSTEM 27 y Department wise suggestions received and implemented. percentage of employees covered and benefit achieved y Difficulties faced and Suggested Improvement Action Plan y Target / Budget setting for the next year PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 4/4/2011 . Recognition and shield to the best department for contributing maximum to the Improvement Suggestion Scheme in terms of number of suggestions.

PRESENTED BY: GROUP-8 28 4/4/2011 .