new technology. foreign bank entry y And also understood the long term survival which depends on the satisfaction of the customer expectations. . y To face the changes many of the bank framed strategies to survive by concentrating on rapidly changing markets.Introduction y After LPG policy enactment Indian banking industry has undergone tremendous qualitative changes.

Need for the study y This study is used to predict the customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction with banking services with the help of four dimensional services such as loan services. bank deposits. y An assessment was made to understand the relationship between marital status and changes recommended to commonly accepted services. insurance service and value added services. .

y To know the customer opinions and preference about various supporting factors of four dimensional banking services. .Objectives y To know the over-all satisfaction and dissatisfaction levels of bank customers with respect four dimensional banking services.

chi-square .300 y Tools for Data Collection ± Questionnaire y Tool for analysis .Research Methodology y Type of the study .Descriptive Study y Sample size .Percentage Analysis.

below 25(20. . followed by 26-35(23. y Majority (74%) of the respondents were married and remaining 26% were single y Most(48%) of the respondents were in the age group of 36-45.Findings Demographic Profile y Majority (87%) of the respondents were male and (13%) female.67%).33%).above 45(8%).

67%) and others (7.y Majority (56%) of the respondents were employee followed by business(28%).67%) y Majority 77% of the respondents were belong to the income level of below 1 lakh.67%) and professionals (8.33%). above 3 lakhs (5. followed by 1-3 lakhs (17.33%).33%) y Most 45. .professionals(8.33% of the respondents were graduates followed by HSC(25.postgraduates(20.67%).

33 of the respondents (172) have availed loans.33%).ICICI(13. y Out of the 172 respondents most (26.33%) of the respondents have account in SBI followed by Indian Bank(14.66%) y Most 47% of the respondents have experience with the same bank with (4-6) y Majority 57%.Customer satisfaction of bank loan availed y Most (30.74%) of the respondents were having business loans followed by vehicle loans .

y Most (46. .02%)of the respondents are satisfied with the current bank service. y Most (43.47%) of the respondents opined that interest rate in the banks are moderate.y Most (35.52%) of the respondents are attracted by initial interest rate.

67% of the respondents 158 are not dealing with deposits y Most (47.Customer satisfaction on bank deposits y Out of the 300 respondents majority 52. . followed by demand deposits y Most (36.18%)of the respondents had fixed deposits.61%) of the respondents preferring deposits scheme because of the interest rate.

Customer satisfaction towards Insurance y Majority 66% of the respondents 198 did not have any dealing with the insurance. .60% of the respondents opined that the bank offered insurance service were moderate. y Out of the 108 respondents majority 69.

e-taxing were given with 2 rank. .Customer satisfaction level of value added service y Most of the respondents 236 was given first rank to the ATM followed by other service like tele-banking . mobile banking. locker facilities and last rank given to net banking. e-ticketing .

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