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South African Company

Strategy to Enter Thailand
Jana Schumann Ola Halees Varun Kurup Mohamed Ibrahim Berte

pitas. wraps. medium. salads. or extra hot Peri-Peri marinades and sauces ‡ Peri-Peri (African Bird s Eye Chili) ‡ Also serves. fun approach to life. burgers. now operates in 34 countries on five continents ‡ Casual Dining Restaurant Chain ‡ Portuguese/ African Theme ‡ Specializes in Chicken Dishes with either lemon and herbs. & Family ‡ Genuine. relax. and more Values Ethics: ‡ Pride. Passion. hot. mild. Courage. wings. Integrity. community involvement ‡In going to Thailand company will maintain Ethics Code .History What this name is about? ‡ Founded in 1987.

Organizational structure Company structure Totally Independent Franchises: ‡ Branch managers. report to only 1 Regional Manager ‡ 80% of Franchisee is the Nando s company culture ‡ 20% of Franchisee accommodates the local culture ‡ Import Nando s Intellectual property (sauces and packaging) ‡ Nando s Company takes percentage of Franchisee s sales ± 5% to cover marketing costs ± 5% to cover corporate profit share .

and (optional) bitter Known for being spicy Balance. sour. detail. salty.Thailand Culture Social Respect Hierarchical relationships Family ties Like getting together in groups. hot. and variety are important in cooking Rice. Chicken and Seafood are frequent ingredients in Thai food Management High Power Distance Society (need a visible leader) Collectivism Nature (priority on group interest and equality) High Uncertainty Avoidance (need directions and clear structure) . Food habits Balance of sweet.

Start at Bangkok the Capital ‡ Business will begin in one city ‡ Bangkok the capital: ± Better potential market for Nando s because of big shopping malls and main streets ± People there are more willing to accept foreign culture ‡ Most of the other cities are either : ± Small. ± Far away. or ± Tourism places ‡ Restaurants would be inside hotels or resorts ‡ Doesn t fit Nando s brand ‡ Nando s is not an expensive restaurant .

Pricing The pricing is suitable and since it is not an expensive place. Nando s gains its reputation for being famous in most areas of the world from its Peri-Peri secret sauce recipe.Why Thailand will welcome Nandos? Reputation As a restaurant specialized in chicken. and since most Asian-Thai people prefer chicken over other meat. this can be a very strong point for Nando s to succeed. . Quality Remain the same good quality. but with some Thai adjustments to menu. anyone can dine in and enjoy whether they are Locals or Tourists.

Franchise ‡ Local investor and local branch manager aided by permanent company ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ trainer to assist in keeping the Nando s brand consistent. Initial pre-opening/launch assistance. instructions and forms are all in the Thai language. in terms of shareholders (at least 51%). ‡ You must maintain a ratio of local Thais to foreigners regarding full-time employment (usually 4:1 but depends on your business). The right to use and operate under the Nando's name and concept. Assistance with restaurant site selection and evaluation. Initial legal costs incurred in conclusion of the Franchise Agreement.Adapting to Thai Culture Legal issues as Foreign Company ‡ In the vast majority of cases. . the company must be "majority owned" by Thais. so finding a trustworthy and experienced business Thai partner is crucial. Everything that is submitted to the government is in Thai. ‡ An issue that everyone must deal with is that the rules.

(Shrimp-garlic) paste. ‡ Introduce home delivery system and reservation system in the Thailand market.Adapting to Thai Culture ‡ Adapting the Menu which can be done by adding the jasmine rice as side dish. arrange the cutlery. ‡ To attract the families we will also set up a couple of big halls where family events can be organized. Turmeric. and serve the food at the table. Thai basil. ‡ Vegetarian dishes will also be added to our menu to attract the health conscious Thai s. ‡ Will server alcohol and guest can also bring alcohol with them. adding more of sweet and sour sauces as well as: curry. . ‡ Nando s will change the fluid and busy atmosphere which we have else where in the world by providing a server to take the food orders. also adding Papaya salad to the salad menus. and coconut milk flavor.

‡ We also run promotion events like Buy 1 set and get 50% off on the 2nd Thai set . Pattaya Chinese New and so on. ‡ We will organize social events in coordination with Good Will group foundation an organization with a mission to improve the quality of life of young disadvantaged Thai women . ‡ We will increase our online presence and also start advertising in local print media and television channels.M. ‡ We will be also part of the events like Samui Food and Product Fair. H. Buy for yourself and get it free for one child and so on to induce people to try out the different dishes.Promotions ‡ Build up good relationships with your local press and use these contacts to get regular coverage for our business. The King's Birthday event which is very close to people.

stays permanently .Improves Locals perception of company Training Practical and Theoretical Training Franchisee have 3 months of training Staff have a non-less than 6 weeks training course Trainer also comes to work with local franchise.Staffing and training Staffing Local Staff (Ratio must be 4:1 for local vs.Improves relations with Government -. foreign) -.Less costly -.